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Product Name:150w UL DLC LED High Bay

Product Type: LED High Bay Light

Warranty: 6 years

Model No: SP-HB-150WA

Price Terms:FOB,CIF

Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Western Union

UL Listed: E473192

Minimum Order: 1PCS

Delivery Time: 3-5days for samples,15days for mass production

Brand Name: SUNPER

Product selling point

SUNPER 150W LED High Bay advantages:

 150W led high bay have passed UL, DLC and CE certificates, UL No. E473192

 SMD Cree chip. 

 Meanwell driver specialize designed only for LED high bay lighting with more outstanding performance.

 The appearance treatment in black demonstrates elegance, fashion and distinction; more importantly, led lamp of black facilitates heat dissipation.

 Adopts round layered design, manifesting the uniform beauty of lamps.

 Outstanding manufacturing technique processing guarantees the quality of lamp.

 6 years warranty.

 Dimmable and induction control are available.

 Lighting design for free --- Provide Dialux solution report.

Uniform light and High cooling efficiency:

 High performance CREE chips, and advanced phase change technology increase led high bay application performance and its light stability.

 Rational patent design and high cooling efficiency, long time operating will not bring a heat-caused security problem.

 High cooling efficiency which enhance the photoelectric conversion efficiency.

Luminaire Efficiency:

Professional design, high reflective aluminum reflector, with Meanwell professional bay light driver, the whole light will be truly achieve high performance, economic and environment-friendly.

Induction and dimmable:

SUNPER high bay lighting support dimmable control and induction control, professional dimmable controler and special motion sensor realize manual control and smart control, special motion sensor built-in human body sensor to turn on the lights and turn off automaticlly, help to achieve the best effect of energy-saving.

Easy remove and assembly:

Use Meanwell professional driver only for high bay, simple structure, it is easy to remove and assembly the driver, it does not need a professional to replace driver, saving customers’ labor cost.

Outstanding manufacturing technique processing

● The light-emitting area is larger than that of the other led high bay, which is beneficial for grading and heat dissipation of LED sources.

 The input line is non-manual welded, but adopts the reflow soldering paster technique. 

 Under the design of ring array circuit, one unlighted LED source does not deactivate the other LEDs from working.

 The heat-conducting silica gel is coated not by manual operation but by printing technique. 

Exclusive radiator design:

 The application of radiator phase change technology changes the design of traditional high bay light, patent design and phase change technology in combination, heat dissipation area is larger, higher cooling efficiency, increasing its life time.

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