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Top 5 All Time Tips For Installing The Outdoor LED Floodlights by Your Own

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Floodlights are no longer new to most people. However, LED floodlights are not very common and thus most people are not aware of them because they are mainly used in warehouses and in commercial entities. This has been the case for the last few years. In the nutshell, the outdoor LED floodlights are now a good alternative to the incandescent flood lights. This is the main reason as to why the 40 watt incandescent bulb is being replaced by the LED ones in homes mainly due to the technological benefits associated with them.


By buying a LED floodlight from one of the trusted LED products suppliers, it is the start of the installation processes. However, installation of this item can be a bit tricky. To avoid any confusion during the installation process, here are the top five tips you should always use for the functional installation of the outdoor LED floodlights.


Tip 1; Connect power prior installing the outdoor LED floodlights

Most things usually start by simple tasks that one can do alone be it in a commercial setting or at home. This involves power connection before the installation process starts. In contradiction to this, most people usually think it is the other way round of which it is wrong. The reason for this rule is very simple. It is mainly because if you get to connect the power after the installation, you may realize that you positioned the light wrongly. Thus, you target will not be met as you wished. One can also realize that the wiring was done wrongly. Therefore, connecting power prior the actual installation process is very important since you will be sure that everything is okay during the installation.


Tip 2; Ensure proper placement of the lights

The best place where you the outdoor LED flood lights are known to light best are the corners of any building as well as close to the roof. If you opt to install too close to the ground, it won’t provide light to a wide area for your facility. However, installing near the ground is easier. The benefit for installing them in the corners is that corners tend to be a favorite place for wrongdoers since they are usually left darkened.


Tip 3; know the limits and always seek for assistance when you need help

In most of the commercial applications, the installation of the outdoor floodlights may not work fine for those who fears heights. This is because you will be required to use ladders in order to complete the installation process. However, if you are able to access the roof, you can still comfortably install them from the roof. In most circumstances, a simple ladder will be not be adequate to see the job done well. You may go for an extension ladder that has the capacity to lengthen up to 20 feet or even more. This mostly depends on the size of your building.


You also have to ensure that the ladder is set on an even ground as well as that it can be locked in a place. This ensures that it is firm and thus it cannot move. To ensure extra stability of the ladder while you are at the top, you may look for someone else to be at the bottom of the ladder holding it for you. Lastly, if you are afraid of the high heights or you lack enough confidence in yourself, it is good to hire someone to come and install it on your behalf. It is fast, cheap and fairly easy process as far as you have the necessary skills to install.


Tip 4; Know the Electrical Current

The LED products usually have low energy draw and thus issues to do with circuit breakers are not very common when it comes to the outdoor flood light installation. However, if you have several floodlights and you want to connect many incandescent and LED ones, there might be issues. The issue is that since the incandescent bulbs draw more power compared to LEDs, there is potential for that power to essentially destroy and overload any LED lighting. Therefore, just ensure that the LEDs and incandescent lights are run out in separate outlets.


Tip 5; Ensure safety first prior sealing

Prior finalizing your project, it is crucial to first test the functionality of your floodlights to make sure that other features such as the motion detection are running properly. This is because one you finalize the installation process, it is a bit difficult to make adjustments and changes to the electrical wiring. By doing all the above five tips, your project will run smoothly.

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