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Requirements for INMETRO certification of LED products in Brazil

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On 6th march, 2015, the Brazilian INMETRO updated the 1st 110 General requirements about product certification. The latest 144 version of the fabric decree for the LED lighting products about the energy efficiency certification requires the products to be labeled ENCE. According to the recent staturoty requirements, the Brazil government will take this effect as from the 1st January year 2016. This will help to enforce the LED lighting products which must have INMETRO certification prior clearance. All the products which will not have obtained the INMETRO label to show the certified LED lighting products shall be prohibited to be sold in the market. The deadline is on 30th June 2016. 

However, there are some of the requirements which must be met in order for the products to be allowed in the market as according to the recent 144 version of the fabric decree. Some of such requirements include the following.

The first one is that the power should not exceed 10 percent of the nominal power. The other is dependent on the Test Method LM79-08 flux which is needed within the 90 percent of the lumen values. For the non-directional lights, the power light effect should be in at least one of the 15 of the basic requirements 55LM/W and power of 15W. Above all the requirements, the luminous efficiency should be 65LM per Watt. For the directional lights, the power should be 200 watts or less light efficiency requirements of 45LM per Watt or a power of 20 watts for the luminous efficiency of 50LM per watt.

The other requirement is that other lamps should have a minimum requirement of light efficiency of 45LM per watt. For the lamp of 0.6 of T5 / T8 lamps, the required light efficiency should be 100LM per watt with 1.2 to 2.4 meters T5 / T8 lamp. The luminous efficiency should be 85LM per watt. CRI requires more than 80 for the LED light source products and LED lamp. For other LED lighting products, it needs 75 or more and therefore the R9 value will be greater than zero. In addition to this, the PF values require 0.92.5 watts. 5 watts to 25 watts product value needs more than PF value of 0.7, 25 watts above the power requirements of the product.

The most sophisticated test project is the light decay test. The LED lights beads have LM80 reports which require 3,000 hours light decay test. The temperature of the environment should be 45 degrees Celsius. For safety purposes the product should meet IEC60598-1 or IEC62560. EMC is concerned with all products to meet the general standards namely CISPR15 that corresponds to the CE EN55015.

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