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Why you should know the BIS Standard For LED Products In India

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The Indian market is known to have LED products. This is of course with some standards. Towards the end of 2015, the Indian government allowed importation of particular goods from other countries. Some of the import and export declarations needed were the BIS certification for products like the LED lighting products as well as other a few electronic products. With respect to this, here are some of the LED BIS certification and content needed in India.


To start with, BIS certification stands for Bureau of Indian Standards. BIS is a national standards body in India under the ministry of Food and Public Distribution Ministry as well as Consumer Affairs. This according to the Act of Agencies India Standards established on 23rd December, 1986. The minister of the Power Sector is the BIS chairperson of the executive and management if institutions. The predecessor of BIS is the ISI which in full stands for Indian Standards Institute. The association is based on the supply and industry sector. When India launched the social groups Registration Act in 1860, it was registered.


Legally, its 25 members are mostly from the state or central government, research institutions, consumer organizations as well as industry set ups. The headquarters of the Agency are in New Delhi. They have regional offices in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chandigarh and in many other regions. In total it has twenty branches.


You can get the BIS certification in India as it is sold for certain commodities product certification program which was designed to provide consumers with the assurance on quality of the products. It also checks on reliability and safety levels of the commodities. This certification is done by the conventional monitoring of licenses to make sure that they are effective. Inspection and supervision measures include sudden sample checks in the factories and in market. Manufacturers also have the duty to ensure the compliance with the system on basis of self-certification and operating license. By continuously monitoring the measures, the BIS is able to also closely monitor the quality of the goods.


BIS product certification program is open for all manufacturers in all countries without any discrimination. Any foreign commercial company can freely apply for this certification in accordance with the relevant authentication as well as authorization procedures. This may happen as follows.

●  An Indian manufacturer can apply for authorization by the simplified procedure BIS certification. The simplified procedures need manufacturers to have sample test reports from licensed laboratories followed by BIS. If the test report is okay and meets the BIS standards too, the license is issued within 30 days once they are through with their fieldwork.

● If India imports maintain a good laboratory to meet the BIS standard test, then they get the same treatment for the Indian manufacturers.

● The BIS granted to foreign manufacturers is a bit more complex as it takes 45 to 60 days.


However, the BIS does not change from one country to another. In fact, not all products require BIS certification. In addition to the usual export and import customs procedures, all requirements of BIS certified goods should be printed and have an outer packaging of “self-declaration”. A good self-declaration should have a designated product registration number as well as IS (Indian Standards) number. The LED products with BIS certification must also have the following.

 Provide general lighting service

 Fixed universal LED lights

 AC or DC powered LED electronic control module.

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