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Four Main Parts Of The Solar LED Street Lights

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The Solar LED street lights were designed for one major purpose which is conversion of the sunlight into electricity. This unique gadget comprises of four main parts that include electrical energy storage battery, LED street lights, control system as well as the sunlight into electricity solar panels. Below is a brief information concerning each of the four major components.


Solar panels

Solar panels are the most crucial as well as core part of the entire solar LED street lighting system. The main role of this part is to convert the energy from the sun into electricity stored in the batteries. The material commonly used is the monocrystalline silicon solar cell. The monocrystalline silicon diodes are made in a way that they look similar to P-N junction. It is only in the diode, the P-N junction hole is pushed to have electron motion by use of an external electric field. It also helps in promotion and knotting of the holes and electrons to the P-N solar cells as well as the solar photons of the radiant heat and light. This is also known as photovoltaic effect principle. Nowadays, the efficiency of photoelectric conversion of the monocrystalline silicon solar cell is about 13 to 15 percent. The recent technology includes thin film photovoltaic cells.


Storage batteries

The battery solar of the photovoltaic power input system is usually weak and therefore it needs a battery for storage purposes. Some of the common types of batteries include the Ni-Cd batteries, Lead-acid batteries as well as the Ni-H storage batteries. To select the best type of battery, the following principles are followed. To start with, it should meet the lighting of your premises at night. It should also meet the energy of the solar cell modules maximally during the day. In addition to this, it should also be capable of storing the electrical energy so as to meet the lighting needs during the rainy days. 


The capacity of the battery is too small and thus it cannot the lighting needs especially at night despite of it being large. The battery is always in a condition of power loss and thus it affects the lifespan of the battery leading to more wastage. The solar cells and batteries should also match with the electrical load. You can use a simple method to determine how the two relates. The solar power must be more than the load power by four times for the system to work properly. The solar cell voltage may go beyond the battery working voltage of 20 to 30 percent. This is to ensure that the usual negative charge needed in the battery. The capacity of the battery must be more than the rate of consumption by six times for the load to be appropriate.


LED light sources

The source of the LED light should have a long life of up to one million hours, have no inverter, be of low voltage, have high efficiency, import 80Lm per watt as well as domestic 50Lm. Since technology continues to advance day by day, the performance of the LED can be enhanced further. The LED light sources such as the solar street light will soon be a trend. Currently, most of the lawns use the LED light as the source of light. The main use of the solar energy is to work. During the day, there is sunlight on the solar cell, the light energy gets converted into electrical energy kept in the batteries. In the evening, light is provided from the battery. This makes it easier to save on energy, it is safe, uses low voltage, and has long life as well as suitable for application of solar light into lawns. The experience of the LED technology has improved in the past few years. This has led to improvement of the cost performance.


Remaining components of the control system

The control system is a vital part of the LED solar lighting system and its performance affects the life of the system directly. The major affected part is the battery life. The control system receives instruction remote control terminal and conversion of implementation steps depending on the instructions. With real-time data transmission of the solar LED lights to remote control terminal, the control systems are able to facilitate the remote control terminal. Thus, it is easier to obtain timely information about the solar LED lights.

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