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High power LED industrial lighting technology roadmap

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There are some crucial things one should know when it comes to high power LED industrial lighting technology roadmap. The most essential things to know include the following.

To start with, the LED miner’s lamp is basically a high bright light emitting diode with a luminous efficiency of about 30 percent of the electric energy into light. The remaining 70 percent of the electric energy is usually converted into heat commonly known as LED industrial lamp temperature. Generally, heat is a big issue. The LED chip heat cannot escape and thus it will accelerate the aging of the chip, offset, light and color thereby reducing the lifespan of the LED high bay. Therefore, the thermal and structure management of the high power LED lighting system is very fundamental. This introduction is very vital since it introduces the lighting technology roadmap.

According to the already existing high power LED high bay cooling technology of the thermal resistance, low heat capacity is a serious problem. With this technology, experts have tried to chip the cooling integration which is the second layer mode. The solution of the high power LED industrial lighting efficiency is thus low leading to serious light problems as well as high cost of the series.

The first thing you should know about is the technical line. The chip integration of the heat sink has a two layers mode. This is not only the removed aluminum plate structures but also the concentration of the multiple chips that are placed directly on the radiator. It is usually composed of the multi-chip module which is a single light source so as to prepare an integrated high power LED lamp, cluster light sources, surface light source or light as single.

The second one is the key technology used. This concerns how you can enhance the ability to heat the chips so as to reduce the thermal resistance interface layer. This involves the thermal management system structure, the fluid mechanics as well as hot issues such as the engineering materials applications. They include thermal heat storage capacity of the matrix effect control, establishing efficient natural convection system, planning convection path as well as major lighting design from the start.

The next one is the technical solutions. By changing the LED industrial lighting source package structure, light structure and thermal structure, you will be able to reduce the thermal resistance and application of thermal conductivity materials thereby increasing the chip heat conductivity of the base in the chip cooling integrated two layer structure. It will also lead to optimization of the thermal management system, form a natural convection and finally increase the flow of the air.

The final one is the design ideas. This is about the modular high power LED lamps. Heat and light form a structure encapsulating the whole module. Modules can be replaced separately. In case any part fails, you simply need to replace the faulty module only without necessarily having to change the overall lighting system.

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