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The dimming technology of LED lamps and its development

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Dimming technology of led lamp fixture

Realize the dimming through the drive current changing, for the luminosity of led chip has a proportional relation with led driver current.

The second way is usually called Simulation way or linear way, the advantage of which is when the current increases or decreases linearly, related to the less effect made to led chips which caused by driver current overshoot, High effectively control the circuit anti-interference. On another side, the disadvantage is when the driver current changes, will lead to the change of CCT of led chips

PWM, this way makes current square wave shape through some control, its width of pulse could change, through which change the time of led chips’ continuous lighting, as well as the output power to save energy. Frequency usually controlled 200hz~10KHz, due to the anelasticity of human vision, can not feel the flicker when the lighting source under adjustment. Advantage of which is improve the heat dissipation and its advantage is do effect to the lifespan of led chips by overshoot of driver current.

Components of the dimming system and its development in the future.

Impeccable smart control should have the function of manual control, smart control, light control, time control and failure warning. When Sun goes down and light fades out, lamp could light automatic, and its lux could decrease to half after 12:00AM. Lights if after dawn, in the special situation, manual control; and malfunction, failure warning.

The smart lighting control system includes the serve, CPU control, single chip controller and signal process circuit these 4 big parts.

Server: Host computer and upper computer system included. Main realize the function of monitoring and failure warning. The serve locates in the street

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