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The dimming technology of the LED lighting driver

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Mostly, the LED lighting driver is nowadays depending on the market of the LED lighting products. Thus, most people have abandoned using the traditional lamps in order to meet the current lighting needs easily and cheaply. Some of the reasons making people adopt use of the LED lighting products is regulation of the brightness, comfortable atmosphere, environment as well as energy saving. Dimming technology of the LED lighting driver is also needed to achieve lamp dimmer palette. If there are higher requirements, cooperation with the LED signal amplifiers and LED power amplifiers is also needed.


LED dimming is very useful when it comes to brightness adjustment. Some of the factors affecting the working of the LED dimming process and control performance include the LED light color, light output, luminous efficiency, LED driver dimming control scenarios, topologies, and many others. The technology used in dimming the LED lighting is divided into some subgroups include the following.


1. The forward current change brightness


According to the properties of the LED lighting products, the brightness of each is usually proportional to its current relationship. The relative brightness of the current is usually stronger. The simplest way to change as well as load current sensing resistor in series is by adjusting the LED current. You can also achieve the purpose of dimming by doing the adjusting the current as well.


2. PWM dimming


The PWM dimming or simply digital dimmer, DALI dimmable power supplies, the digital dimming signal DMX dimming driver, switching diode, switching speed in microseconds and many others can also be converted into pulsed constant current power supply source. By basically changing the pulse width method, you can easily change its brightness. By PWM wave opening as well as closing LED so as to change the forward current of conduction time. This will help to achieve the effect of brightness. The method is based on the characteristics of the Flash brightness to the human eye which is not very sensitive. The load LED is usually brighter as well as darker.


If the frequency of the dark and light is 1000Hz, the human eye can see since this is the average brightness instead of using the LED flash. The PWM adjusting time can adjust the brightness of the dark and light in a PWM period since the human eye is normally greater compared to the 100Hz light blinks. The perception of brightness is a cumulative process and thus the time is a proportion in the cycle. This makes the human eyes feel better. This way of dimming the LED dimmable power is also referred to as PWM dimming source.


3. AC LED Driver Dimmer


The traditional incandescent and halogen lamps, adjustable light system and the LED lamp are pure resistance devices. This also means that with the current waveform and voltage waveform, the voltage waveform for SCR guide pass an angle and thus changes and deviations from the sine wave are the change entered voltage of the effective value. This can be achieved by use of the adjustable light. In addition to the silicon controlled outside, there are transistors leading edge, trailing edge dimming technology and many others. You just need to know that the basic principles required are all similar.

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