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Certification Programs to Help Expand Your Lighting Knowledge

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The lighting industry has different certifications and thus those working in the industry can obtain them. It is like any other business area. These certifications are important as they help one to expand the knowledge related to lighting. Some certifications are obtained through different associations and other groups. Others may be designations given on local level or state. They can be provided by the manufacturers.


These certifications are very vital due to various reasons such as the following. The first one is that they allow the lighting professionals to be seen as real professionals. It is also a symbol to show that you have taken extra steps in furthering your education as far as lighting is concerned. For those interested in beefing up their resumes with lighting certifications, here are some things they should consider pursuing.


ALA Certification Program

ALA means American Lighting Association. It is an association that gives a Certification Program. Through it, one can obtain different designations. An example to illustrate this is that the Lighting Association Program is for both sales and design professionals that are newer in the industry. The Lighting Specialist program is based on the Residential Lighting Training Manual. The Certified Lighting Consultant is usually the highest designation given by ALA.


CLEP Program

This in full means Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional Program. This program is from the Association of Energy Engineers and was created to give additional recognition to those with wide knowledge concerning efficiency of the lighting systems. For one to take the exam, a particular work experience or education is needed. The AEE program recommends several reference books for studying before taking the exam with a duration time of four hours. In addition to this, informational seminars are also available in this program. The exam includes different questions related to the practices, principles and laws learned in the lighting efficiency field.


IALD CLD Certification

CLD means Certified Lighting Designer. This certification was started by the International Association of Lighting Designers commonly shortened as IALD. It was a way for the architectural designers to showcase the skills they have acquired. Here, the test covers the professional’s knowledge in 7 key areas that include science, stewardship, collaboration as well as ingenuity.


NALMCO Certification Program

This is yet another lighting certification program that is offered by the National Association of the Lighting Management Companies usually abbreviated as NALMCO. This program gives four different designations that include CALT, CSLT, CLMC as well as CSLC. The CSLC certification is the most recent out of all. It started in 2010 as a way to have the lighting professionals showcase their knowledge in different lighting products.


NCQLP Lighting Certification Program

In full it means the National Council on Qualifications for Lighting Professionals. It offers a certification program upon passing the exam. This program started back in 1991 as a way to provide an industry-wide credential that could be used to address various aspects in the lighting industry such as safety, environmental concerns, energy conservation, government policy as well as lighting technology. Preparation for the examinations includes reading the Candidate Handbook as well as study groups for those who would like to take the four hour exam.

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