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Harms That Poor Lighting In Your Building Can Do To Your Workforce

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The light fixtures installed in any commercial building may have an impact on the well-being, performance, motivation as well as health of the employees around. To prevent this, the lighting in any industrial environment or workplace should meet the occupational safety as well as the health requirements. Any building that is poorly lighted creates safety hazards that may lead to injuries and accidents. Slips, falls and trips are among the causes of the injuries in industries. This is according to the information by the Department of Labor in US.


The cases of falls and trips which have been reported over the recent past have been increasing. The areas in an industry that are poorly lighted make it more difficult for the employees to see additional hazards and objects that may be blocking their path thereby putting them on a collision course for the workplace injuries. Sometimes that there are many safety hazards such as employees slipping on wet surfaces as well as stumbling over the trash bins that have not been stored safely. They can also trip on cords that are sprawled across the floor surface while on a break trying to get the restroom or water for drinking.


Failing to have the right lighting also affects individuals’ depth perception thereby making it more difficult to see the sudden changes in the surface elevation levels such as a staircase, a raised bump or a slight steep down on the floor surface. In addition to the above, poor lighting conditions also cause glare or shadows. This results to headaches as well as unnecessary fatigue. Employees in such working environments are less productive and they keep on complaining of headaches simply because of the eyestrain.


Inferior lighting in industries with heavy machinery puts employees in imminent risk. In a situation whereby the employees are transporting goods from a dark area to a bright exterior area, they might get affected from the momentary blindness since eyes keep on adjusting to the changing conditions of light thereby increasing the chances of injuries and accidents. Inferior lighting can also affect the good mood of some employees which is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) as well as SBS which in full means Sick Building Syndrome. This can make the affected ones to be lethargic and irritable.


To make sure that all the employees are at their best, the companies should have a periodic lighting audit as well as consider installation of the high-quality commercial lighting solutions in their premises. Generally, improving the lighting in your building is the right direction towards achieving a more productive and safer workforce.

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