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Recent Studies In US Proofing That Residents Still Need More Awareness On Energy Efficiency Educatio

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Research on Energy Efficiency is still going on to better it. In fact, a number of studies done recently have shown that Americans still require more education on energy efficiency. It is very clear that the LED lighting industry is growing at a higher rate. The recent market analysis reports predict that the LED lighting market globally will reach $30.5 billion by year 2016. Other departments of the industry like smart lighting as well as commercial lighting products are also on their rise. It is important to take note of some the things that have been done leading to this popularity. Here are some of them.


Much of this growth is due to the increased interest among the various people in LED lighting within the last few years. People are becoming more interested in playing their role in keeping environment safe. They are doing this by looking for better ways such as use of the LED products. This is becoming easier for us since the price of these products have come down. However, it is not all Americans know about the LED lighting products and the benefits of using them. This was concluded from the recent studies that have been carried out in the area. The studies showed that it is very imperative for the industry leaders to plan how they can educate the public to make them more aware of the LED lighting products. 


The studies that were carried out most recently showed the following.

1. 34 percent of the people were not sure of what type of the light bulb they should buy.

The study that was released early this month showed that it only 34 percent of 1000 Americans were able to decide which type of the bulb they should buy. The study was carried out by the Batteries Plus Bulbs. 84 percent which is almost equivalent to eight out of ten of the people were unhappy with the amount of light their bulbs produced at home for reading purposes. Twenty percent of the people said that they wished they had good lighting systems in their bedrooms when they are getting dressed for the day.

2. Consumers need better lighting as well as help when purchasing the right light bulbs.

According to the experts in this industry, the facts collected by them showed that most of the LED light products consumers not only want to buy better lightings but also need to be assisted when buying bulbs to ensure they buy the right ones. They strongly believe that this help should come through education including teaching buyers how to read the products’ packaging labels as well as providing information of the light bulb benefits and other available options.

3. 66 percent of the people change the way they live to better climate change.

A recent study that was carried out by the Pew Research Center found that 45 percent of the Americans see global change as something which is very serious. 66 percent of the people plan to anything they can to help reduce effects by making the necessary changes in their way of lives. The things they do include using less energy as well as lowering the use of the greenhouse gases. With regards to the energy use, the study also found that there has been a sudden decline in the amount of the incandescent light bulbs that are shipped within North America within the last few years. This is because of more people are now turning to use of the LED and other energy efficient lighting products. The shipments of the incandescent bulbs have really dropped from 65 percent in 2013 to 25 percent in 2015. The halogen shipments raised from 25 percent in 2013 to 48 percent in 2015 while that of LED increased from 4 in 2013 to 11 percent in 2015.


Another study was conducted by the WallerHub. The researchers found that Minnesota, Vermont and New York were the most energy efficient states in United States. On the other hand, Texas, South Carolina and Louisiana were at the bottom of the list as they had the least energy efficient states. This research considered how efficient both a car and home energy consumption was of the 48 states in the US. The excluded states were Alaska and Hawaii.


The home energy efficiency was calculated by simply dividing the total residential energy consumption per person by the yearly degree days. The car energy efficiency was determined by the yearly annual amount of miles car driven divided by the total number of gallons of gasoline used.

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