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Top 4 Reasons for Using LED High Bay Light Fittings

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Nowadays, most of the factories as well as warehouses have started using LED high bay light fittings. LED technology has become so popular in the recent past and it is mostly used for both industrial and urban street lighting. This popularity is simply due to the benefits associated with LED high bay lighting. Here are the top 4 reasons as to why you should also use this type of lighting.

 1. Helps in reduction of utility bills

LED high bays usually consume less energy compared to high pressure sodium or metal halide high bays. It is able to reduce energy consumption by 50 percent or even more. This is despite the capability of this lighting to increase the light levels as well as the quality of light produced. Some of the reasons for this include the following.

● Longer lumen maintenance. Most of the fluorescent and HID products start bright and then dim quickly. Therefore, even if some of the initial lumens look amazing, not all of them have the staying power.

● Quality of light index or higher CRI. This enables the light produced to be of high quality. If you have higher quality light, then it means that you will need less quantity of light.

● Directionality of light. LED lights are normally directional. This means that if for example you design a fixture to shine all your light down, then that is where it will all go. For a metal halide bulb, the light goes everywhere since it is Omni-directional and therefore you have to use reflectors so as to get light to the ground. You will lose effective lumens any time you use a reflector to collect and focus light.

2. Low maintenance costs

Most of the LED high bay light fittings and fluorescent fixtures in both factories and warehouses are usually placed at heights of thirty feet or even more. In addition to this, it is not always practical and easy to change a bulb when on work shift. High pressure sodium, fluorescent bulbs, ballast as well as metal halide replacement cost is a bit expensive. This is because you will incur cost of personnel and also the cost of lost floor time productions. LED high bay has exceptionally long life and it is extremely high L70 lifetimes. It is reasonable that you will get more than 10 years with LED high bay with little or no maintenance at all.

Some of LED high bays are rated L70 hours of 200,000. For a warehouse and factory owners, this are the years of maintenance free operation. Fluorescent and HID bulbs will have gone many ballast and bulb replacement during the same and equal period. This results to additional labor, ballast, bulb as well as disposal costs which is inconvenient to factory and warehouse owners.

3. Highly durable even in extreme environments

Some of environments surrounding factories have very harsh conditions. This may be due to vibration and other emissions that may cause high pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs to fail before the right time. On the other hand, LED high bay light fittings are not affected by shaking or vibration since they are solid state electronic light devices. This benefit makes it to be among the reasons of why most people are nowadays converting to LED lighting.

4. Enables introduction of Smart Controls

Once you add Smart Controls like bi-level, motion sensors or a full wireless control system, the amount you save can be highly increased. A general rule is that controls can make you save an extra of 50 percent and even more to what the LED lights are helping you save. Unlike in other technologies which see shortened life spans by turning on and off the fixture using the motion sensors, the LED high bays are not affected by constant on-off cycling as well as motion sensors. By the design of these LEDs, you do not have to add or dim the motion sensor to a HID light. This is because it is very practical to do all these with the LED high bay light fittings.

In conclusion, above are the top four reasons as to why most factory and warehouse owners are switching to the use of LED high bays. If you own a factory or warehouse, you should start using LED high bay light fittings in your business and surely you will enjoy the above benefits.

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