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LED street lights retrofit upgrade in UK

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UK Council have been insisting LED street lights retrofit upgrade despite the complaints from the residents. In spite of receiving a lot of criticism from the residents, West Berkshire Council has defended its multi-million pound LED street lights retrofit replacement project. In fact, more than 50% of the districts’ street lights were replaced with the LED lamps in the scheme that is aimed at reducing the council’s energy consumption by half. However, the residents have raised some concerns noting the new lights can bring about ill health, create hazardous driving conditions as well as lead to sporadic lighting along the districts’ streets.


What are the benefits of LED lamps?


High efficiency


LED is actually the most efficient lighting source compared to the convectional metal halide or even high sodium. In fact, the lumen per watt record are often in labs across the world. Also, LEDs in mass production may reach around 90 to 100 lumen per watt. This value already exceed that of High Pressure Sodium, HPS, and metal halide that was the most efficient lighting sources previously.


Long lifespan


Long lifespan is definitely the most amazing benefit of LED lighting. In addition, the rated life of LED is about 50,000 hours, which is the period from the initial 100% lumen output to about 50%. The lifespan of LED lamp is 10 to 50 times of the traditional lighting sources. Also, LED floodlights make use of the chips that are assembled with tens of single LEDs or even integrated high power emitters. In case one or more lighting units burn out, there will be no impact on the functions. Therefore, it’s more robust than the other convectional lamps.


Despite these benefits, residents have been criticizing these lights. Some of their criticism include the following:


Inefficient lighting – LED lamps may produce a cooler bluish light which is not very attractive. The best LEDs should be distinguishable from the old bulbs and should produce a nice warm light. In certain areas, the lights are not bright enough.


The initial cost of these lights is much higher than the traditional lamps. LED lamps are 3 to 5 times more expensive compared to conventional lamps. Though the operation cost can be quit less, fees of frequent light replacement and also labour of maintenance is high.


However, the council has carried on with the installation of LED street lights retrofit despite the complaints. Crews are currently working in the Newbury, Thatcham, Calcot, and Tilehurst areas as part of the GBP 7.24 million scheme that is partly funded by a GBP five million grant from the central government.

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