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The next generation Google Glasses with LED light source

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The next generation of Google Glasses may be a little easier on your eyes, but there is no guarantee that they will look any better. Even though Google’s smart glasses project didn’t succeed, it has been developed and still has a very bright future. With accordance to the previous media reports, Tony Fadell, Google glasses leader, has actually began to redesign the shape of these smart glasses, which is expected to have three different versions. In fact, the recent rise of Google’s flexibility display, HUD device has been approved. This feature is actually likely to be one of the three versions of the next generation of google smart glasses. 

According to the head of the curve, this device will hang on your ears and will as well extend to the front. The design of Google glass is completely different and also seems to be very compact. In addition, in a patent awarded to the Google, the company defined a curved display system meant for a head-mounted wearable computer. A user can control the display of the smart glasses by the use of a torch interface unlike the one found on today’s Glass explorer model. 

In fact, the patent suggests that the curving images shown to the user may help Glass wearers to figure out if whatever their screens are showing them is really supposed to be coming towards them or else moving away. Also, the patent gives a wide range of examples like navigating a map, interactive gaming or using glass as heads-up display while flying a plane. In every case, the user needs to determine the depth of field of what the display is showing him or her. However, it’s reported that the patent is likely to make use of the LCD screen and does not rule out the use of LED light source

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