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Why GE is stopping the selling of CFL and the Sprint LED products

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Below is crucial information about the GE Stop Saling CFL as well as the all-out sprint LED market that customers and other people willing to shift to them should know.


GE is the US bulb manufacturer and their plan is to stop producing the energy saving bulbs. Thus, they will stop selling in the US market completely. In short, GE is expected to exit CFL market of the LED bulbs in the United States by the end of the year 2016. Currently, the GE LED bulb market share is behind CREE, OSRAM and Philips. The legal person of the GE is supposed to have sales promotion once more in this year. Shipments are expected to increase but the price rise will not be easy for the Taiwan LED factory.


Both the International Lighting factory and the legal representation have provided the promotional prices for the last year. This has been done in order to accelerate the CFL lamp out of the US market. The prices of similar energy saving bulbs have been drawn as well as the benefits associated with use of the energy saving LED lights. In addition to this, GE also announced that they will no longer supply CFL in North America. Instead, they will prompt other brand factory follow-up and thus the LED market penetration will jump once again. This will mainly be happen because of the more optimistic and depressed prices in the commercial lighting sector like LEDINK and stone soup.


The lighting plant for the LED bulb brand penetration is also expected to increase the low prices for general lighting. The price is still down despite the increase in shipments. The concerned person of the GE noted that though the terminal prices are still declining, the manufacturer is striving to stabilize the gross cost reduction. In addition to this, the market applications have increased in the favor of the products with high prices such as Flip-Chip CSP.


It is worth noting that he LED market sales have reduced significantly in February. The main cause of this decrease is the Chinese Spring Festival. It is expected that in March it will restart growing back to the normal levels. The corporation expects that the LED backlight market to go down due to the low water levels. The new models in the market are expected to post the results this season. It is expected that it will have strengthened by the second quarter. Specifically, during the Olympic games, European Cup and in other international events this year, there will be ads to help stimulate the sales of TV. The Korean OLED TV prices will grab the crowding effect and the impact of the high brightness.

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