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Indian Government Plans To Introduce LED Lamps

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It seems India energy crisis is far from being over. A report released by the Wall Street Journal revealed that the Indian ministry actually came up with a new plan to help solve the crisis that has hold the country development for long period of time and that is energy crisis. The report showed that the Indian government through its ministry plan to introduce facelift LED bulbs which are more energy efficient and durable. According to a memo released by the Indian government, the government has actually proposed a plan to replace Florescent and incandescent bulbs with LED lamps in all its capital office. This move is aim to save energy, enable more people to access power and also to make the country more energy efficient a move that is has received warm welcome buy its citizens.

Statistics released by the Indian government showed that LED lighting can save up to 347,000 kilowatts of electricity which translates to about 13% of the country generating capacity. The move will see many Indian citizens who have no access to electricity to benefit from the new proposed initiative by being bale able to access electricity. According to statistics released by the World Bank, about 300 million Indians have no access to electricity. The Indian government aims to bridge this gap through introduction of LED light throughout the country.

According to state minister Piyush Goyal, replacing florescent and incandescent lights with LED lamps will help to save up to $8 billion per year of electricity supply of about 50 million people. The fact is that most developing counties are mostly dependent of fossils fuels, natural gas and coal. Therefore, saving energy will go a long way in not only ensuring that the country meet the promise it made to the world of reducing carbon emission but also help many households to get access to this precious commodity.

The Indian government has further launched a separate program that is aims to ensure that its citizens can afford to buy LED bulbs. The government has actually take the initiative of introducing new buying price for LED lamps which will retail at 10 rupees which translates of about $0.16 so that more citizen can be able to buy the bulb. The new proposed prices by the government is will see its citizen buying the bulb at half its normal price because under normal circumstance, the bulb usually retail at about 500 rupees. This new proposal was actually revealed by Saurabh Kumar, the general manager of energy efficiency services joint venture for the project and the ministry in charge of the project.

However neither the company in charge of the project nor the government has provided subsidies for the low prices LED lamps. This is because the government aims to lock policy Power Company. This move will see Indian power companies to be sold to certain customers in Orimoto power thereby encouraging customers to actually switch from using high cost energy to low cost energy consumption. This move will also see power companies that sell electricity decrease.

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