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The market of China LED lights export to Russia and Japan

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When it comes to LED lighting products, it also good to understand how the market of these products has been. Knowing how the market of them has being, can help you make crucial decisions on if to invest on them or not. This will also help you to determine if these products are really genuine or not. This is because high quality products usually have good market unlike the low quality ones. Below is what one should know concerning the market of LED devices in different countries.

Russia market

Monitoring was done and the data received showed that from the 1st may, 2015, the China Russia LED lighting display products that were exported amounted to a total of $102 million. This included lighting products worth $83.285 million and display products $18.585 million. This accounted for 81.8% and 18.2% respectively. On the Russian exports of these products, the top three are panel lights, projection lights as well as ceiling lights. The total gross exports accounted for 70% of these three products. The ranking is LED strip lamp, bulb lights, solar lights, street lighting, stage lighting, down lighting and many others.

China’s exports to Russia LED product size and types have been on rapid growth. Russia LED expansion of demand in the market of these products has always been very attractive. According to the GSC Research forecasts, the 2015 China Russia exports of LED lighting and display products amounted to a total of US $1.374 billion and US $69 million respectively. In 2019, it is expected that it will increase to $3 354 billion and $1.78 million respectively. If you want to invest in these products, you can go to the North and open up Xinjiang which will be a good option to you.

Japan market

In this year (2015), China LED lights exported to Japan has increased. In the 1st quarter 2015, the export of LED lamps from China to Japan amounted to $107 million, up to 29% from 6% in 2014. Generally, Japan is China’s traditional export market of LED lighting products. The Japan export of LED lighting brands as well as corporate structure is a high degree of export concentration, order and standardization. Among them is the Japan enterprises in the TOP30, endu, Hang Zhi, Toshiba and Roma for five subsidiaries of companies export to Japan that amounted to $45.16 million in the year 2014. These enterprises accounted 42% in the 1st quarter of 2015 of China’s exports to Japan. You can invest in Japan as well. However, it is a bit difficult at the start but once you develop it successfully, it is easier to maintain it.

Above is very important information to help you understand the market of LED lighting products from China to Russia and Japan. Use it and it will help you greatly.

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