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USA and Canada customers visited SUNPER on 6th January 2016

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Here is a short story about two customers who visited SUNPER Company on 6th January, 2016. The two customers did not come from the same place as one is from USA while the other one comes from Canada. Despite their two different origins, both of them are business partners as well as good friends.


They arrived at this precious company at noon on the same day. They were entertained by Angelina( Angelina is a very lovely girl apart from being a good guy as well as working very hard. She is always very determined in her work and by so doing, we are able to maintain the number of our customers. In fact, this number keeps on increasing. Were it not for this lovely girl, surely we would have lost some of the customers. She has the spirit of good work that all employees in SUNPER Company should have.


The two customers specialize in LED Lighting market in North America market. During the visit, they were looking for the LED high bay light, LED Street light as well as LED flood light with UL and DLC certificates for North America market. Apart from the certificates, they had another requirement. They wanted the company to print their own LOGO on the lamps. The company can easily do this since even before, many customers have done it. SUNPER is an international factory and thus provides OEM and ODM services.


During their time with Angelina, she introduced SUNPER’s products and all details concerning the products. The customers even said that prior their visit, they already knew most of the products they would find there. They said that they are very interested in these products and hence they came. They got a project of these LED lights in their market. Generally, they have full confidence with these products but they said they needed to confirm the reliability of these products.


It is true that our LED high bay lights do meet all the requirements even UL and DLC are just okay. However, to be frank we only get the DLC certificate for the LED flood lights. There is no UL certificate in LED flood lights. When it comes to the LED Street lights, the case is different since we do not get both certificates. SUNPER is making progress towards having the UL certification for the LED flood lights. Surely, they will get it any time soon in order to meet all the requirements of the customers like these two esteemed customers.

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