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What is benefit of DLC LED Bay Lighting

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Frequently Asked Question: What’s benefit of DLC LED Bay Lighting? 


1. Does LED Bay Lighting comes with Any Incentives? 

LED bay lights from DLC do come with incentives that reduce the cost of owning the lights. The government has been at the forefront in encouraging people to switch from regular lights and adopt LED lighting. This type of lighting is viewed as the light of the future due to its efficiency, eco-friendliness, and durability. Consumers who purchase the bay lights are eligible for federal tax credit for every unit. After purchase a user should apply for government rebate where he/she stands to get from 30 to 50% Government subsidy. 

2. Do The DLC LED Lights Meet The Recommended Standards? 

DLC LED lights for the bay meet all the necessary standards as stipulated by the industry. Before being launched into the market, the lights go through several rigorous tests to ensure they meet the recommended industry standards. The main test is the LM80 Standard which measures the photoelectric parameters to confirm whether the light is stable in varying conditions. Other aspects that are tested include voltage, color temperature, Luminous Flux maintenance aspect, and much more. To test the durability of the light it has to meet the LM80 standard which requires the lighting to last for over 50,000 hours. 

3. Does the DLC LED Bay Light Generate Lots of Heat? 

The DLC LED light for the bay doesn’t generate too much heat. In fact, it is one of the most efficient lighting sources in the market when it comes to heat as it produces minimal heat. In addition, it dissipates the little heat produced fast and efficiently minimizing the build up of heat which is harmful to the effectiveness and durability of the lighting. This is achieved by using top notch materials which do not produce or conduct heat. Also, the product comes in a design that ensures the heat is dissipated quickly and efficiently thus guaranteeing you of quality lighting and longevity. 

4. Does DLC LED Light Come With Warranty? 

Led Bay lights from the DLC brand do come with warranty that covers the product for more than 5 years. This warranty from the manufacturer applies to both products as well as service and assures a consumer of quality lighting, energy efficiency, and durability. The product from the manufacturer comes with a warranty certificate that stipulates the nature of warranty as well as the period it is valid for. To be certain of the warranty it is recommended to purchase the DLC led bay lighting from a reputable source.

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