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Getting the Best Custom Solar Lighting Solutions for Your Needs

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Globally, the consensus is that dependence on petroleum products must reduce in favor of more renewable sources of energy, whether we like it or not.

Of all renewable energy sources, solar power presents a solution that is eco-friendly, clean, in infinite supply and cost effective in the long run. Solar powered energy as a source of lighting in not a new concept. It’s been used globally for decades now and its application can be commonly seen in rooftop solar panels, for different capacities of streetlights, parking lot lights, illuminated signage, advert billboards and so on.

The good news for individual consumers is that solar power can also be harnessed to work in domestic, small-to-medium scale applications.

It’s so available now that a quick trip down to many local hardware stores will present a wide array of small and relatively inexpensive solar powered lights. These lights are designed to be DIY-installed and can be easily set up to light up outdoor areas like patios and decks, gardens and walkways, stairs, swimming pool areas etc. Little to no technical expertise is required to set up this kind of small consumer units.

Technicalities come in when the lighting solution required is on a higher scale. Civil lighting projects like stadiums, public roads and streets, communal parks and security fencing require different factors to deliver the desired results.

Some major elements to consider when choosing custom solar lighting solutions include the following:

Pricing. Cheapest is not always best. Basing buying decision on price alone can lead to loss in the long term as this is a device that should ideally work for many years.

Sun Hours. Obviously the longer the duration of sun hours the better. Getting the best geographical location for sun exposure onto the panel will require expertise and experience.

Lighting Efficiency. Evaluating the space to determine appropriate fixtures to install and ensure adequate light distribution.

Warranty period. The duration of warranty the supplier/installer is willing to offer can be the first sign of quality because it’s an indicator of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product.

Lighting Requirement. Determine the lumens required from specific points in the lighted space. The aim being adequate illumination and providing options for operation schedules according to user’s needs. 

It’s clear to see that a generalized solution will not do for every user. That kind of wrong presumption leads to issues of poor illumination and lights failing or dying out before estimated time. Many times, the fixtures and installation wrongly take the blame with clients shying away from using solar power for large scale projects. But, it’s a case of the right tool for the wrong job. 

Instead, a clear pre-evaluation of the lighting needs of the user/client incorporating the elements above, will guarantee optimum results and functionality. Solar systems, when evaluated and used effectively, have been tried and trusted to offer cost-efficient and sustainable illumination solutions for a variety of low-end to high-end projects

The need for specific customer project evaluation cannot be overemphasized. 

One of the traits of reliable and efficient solar lighting companies like, is the time they take to evaluate each individual project no matter how small or large the budget. End users, project managers, project coordinators and subcontractors will do well to insist on the same strategy from their solar lighting vendors: approaching each project with consideration of its own demands, uniqueness and peculiarities.

As a company, our belief in the uniqueness of each solar lighting project is fundamental and influences the custom solar lighting solution we offer every client.

Our team of experienced, professional and friendly experts take the time to evaluate individual projects noting the circumstances and expectations of the client. With this approach, we have been able to consistently develop customized lighting solutions that offer lasting quality and ultimately, exceed the expectations of our customers.


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