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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest In Solar Power Now

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If you are still contemplating making the switch to solar energy for your business premises, here are a few facts to help you take that step. It is estimated that the energy reaching the earth’s surface from the sun daily is approximately 28 times the total global annual energy consumption. It would take at least 4 billion years to consume all the Sun’s hydrogen. Since the advent of solar panels, the costs of solar equipment has continued to fall annually as more innovations come on board.

Investing in solar panel is not a choice to be taken lightly especially when you consider the initial cost of the equipment and installation. As a business owner, you’ll really want to be sure this expense will pay off without causing you undue stress and regret along the way. There really is no money to waste these days!

Nevertheless, as more consumers make the switch to solar power, they see that it’s probably the best business decision they could make for their energy needs. After all, we’re talking about clean, quiet, eco-friendly energy: it can’t get better than that.

If you still need convincing, here are 5 reasons you need to switch to solar powered energy for your business.

1. You Are Entitled to Receive Tax Credits.

The solar industry particularly in the US enjoys various incentives and subsidies that are transferred to the consumers. For instance, investors in solar power are entitled to federal tax credit set to cutoff by December 31, 2016. Your business will enjoy up to 30 percent federal tax credit. 

You could also deduct 85 percent of the entire cost of the solar power system installed from your taxes. Utility companies are not left out, as some of them are now offering rebates to cover a portion of the solar power systems cost. 

2. Boost your Corporate CSR/PR.

Sustainability is a big deal now and people are taking notice. When you install solar power systems and implement other initiatives designed to reduce your carbon footprint, potential clients and the general public will be more inclined to deal with your business. This kind of actions show that your business is committed to sustainability, necessary for the survival of humankind.

Local communities in particular will offer more support to a businesses that is environmentally responsible, compared to those that aren’t.

Many businesses that are seen as being “green” have a better image and have reported increase in revenue upwards of 20% after implementing eco-friendly systems.

3. Consistent and Manageable Bill.

Costs for consuming electricity keeps going up, rarely down. That’s not likely to change. Solar power allows you to monitor your energy bill without bothering about fluctuating energy costs. A few months after installation, you can clearly predict how much you will spend, and this figure will remain constant.

Considering that American businesses spend over $6 billion annually to light up just their parking lots using normal lighting solutions, you will begin to see improvements in your utility costs right away.

If you’re still at the design/construction stage of your structure, it would be a good idea to incorporate solar lighting systems rather than digging trenches to lay electrical wiring.

4. Build a Better Sustainability-Aware Team.

Your employees are your customers too! If they see that management cares about sustainability and eco-friendly business practices, it’s just a matter of time before they also begin to adopt measures to save energy. Recruit and train staff, giving them a sense of caring for the environment. Once you get their buy-in, the tendency for them to remain and grow with the company is high. This will save you from constantly employing and firing staff. Frequent staff turnover is costly to businesses.

Multiple studies, including one carried out by UCLA, showed that employees in eco-friendly companies are 16% more productive than normal. Other studies have proven that employee morale and engagement improves the more positive they feel about their work environment.

5. Enjoy Durable Maintenance-Free Equipment.

A major advantage of solar power systems is that they require minimal maintenance. 

They don’t require frequent cleaning, adjustments and repairs which makes sound financial sense. Averagely, you can expect at least 25 years of constant service from the panels. The systems come with exceptional warranties and the assurance that you will spend very little time and money, if any, on repairs and maintenance. 

At SUNPER, our customers can rest easy knowing they will quickly find solutions in the rare chance something goes wrong with the equipment during the warranty period. If you use our installations, your panel will work for over 30 years accompanied with LED light fixtures with up to 100,000 hours lifetime.

In addition to saving the environment, you would also be helping to provide better, sustainable jobs as the industry continues to grow. Making the switch to solar systems should become a matter of principle for any serious business now. 

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