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Right elucidations are unquestionably inevitable when proper lighting comes to mind. Whether you want to light up your home, office or warehouse, choosing the right, cost effective not mention durable lighting is something we all look forward to.

Getting proper illumination for your home or office may not be as complicated as it is when it comes warehouses. Looking at their architectural designs, warehouses or even industrial buildings have very distinctive features such as high ceilings, few windows and vast floor surfaces. Owing to this architectural fact, lighting in warehouses is unique and tries to meet the following needs:

★ Increase work productivity

  Improve the safety of workers

Reduce cost in terms of initial installation, maintenance and monthly bills.

Warehouses vary is type and size. when it comes to lighting up your warehouse iregardless of type and size, there are options available; HID LAMPS, FLOURESCENT and LED. Investing in LED lighting for your warehouse is always a smart move and you can never go wrong. LED lightings come with so many advantages. They are durable, efficient and cost efficient when it comes to initial installations and monthly electric bills.

Energy costs are ballooning with every single day. As such, this has prompted industrial facility executives to look for lasting lighting solutions; solutions that are bent towards energy efficiency and the same time maintaining ample lighting for warehouses.

SUNPER has however come to the rescue of warehouse lighting. With their professional warehouse lighting solutions, safety as well as productivity of workers is guaranteed. SUNPER has made technological advancements by introducing an energy efficient, unmatched thermal management as well as optics customizations to the warehouse lighting market.

The SUNPER high bay that is longer-lasting, energy efficient has lots of advantages when compared to other types of lighting that are used in a warehouse such as the fluorescent and HID lamps. Again, when compared to other types of warehouse lighting, it provides the highest of ratings when it comes to matters energy efficiency not to mention instrument operating temperatures. Below are some of the benefits that come along with the SUNPER high bay:

Why SUNPER High Bay?


  Energy Consumption;

The main reason as to why warehouses are shifting from HID and Fluorescent lighting is because they consume a lot of energy unlike the LED lightings. LED lights consume 40% less of energy. The SOMPOR high bay on the other hand consumes 60% less. SOMPOR is with no doubt the way to go.

  Reduced maintenance cost;

Generally, LED are made to stand the test of time. The unrivalled SOMPOR high bay is made to last longer than typical LED lights. With the SUNPER high bay, you will save workers lots of time when It comes to replacing bulbs each and every time. This again means that you won’t be purchasing bulbs year in year out. With the SOMPOR high bay, you get to two birds with one stone when it comes to reduction in maintenance costs. You don’t purchase new bulbs and neither do you get to pay someone to change them.


The lifespan of an SUNPER high bay LED is 10 times more than other kinds of lightings such as florescent. Generally, they can light up for more than 50,000 hours. This means that you get a service of more than 5 years on average.

  Light Uniformity;

As a warehouse owner or a manager to one, you will have definitely noticed the flickering of Florescent lights whenever you switch them on. This flickering can at times be disturbing to your eyes. With the SOMPOR high bay, that is never the case. There is no flickering and better yet, light is evenly distributed all through the warehouse. With the SOMPOR high bay, there is less distortion of light. Shifting from your energy-consuming bulbs to the SOMPOR high bay is a smart move that you ought to make.

What partnering with SUNPER High Bay means for your warehouse businesswise

   Better task execution

Having delved in to the numerous pros of the SUNPER high bay, it is safe to say that there will be increased productivity. With the proper kind of lighting, there is more visibility. Workers working in your warehouse can see things vividly. With better lighting, workers get to concentrate more and even better execute their task with speed and accuracy.


Lighting in warehouses ought to be at its best. Lighting should be well-aligned with vertical and horizontal uniformity. This optimal lighting in warehouses comes in handy. There are minimal mistakes when It comes to labelling or picking items for freight.


Proper illumination means safer warehouses. The safety aspect of a warehouse is key. In large warehouses where forklifts are used, having optimal lighting is key. Fork lift drivers for instance need to see obstacles and the floor clearly. With adequate lighting, there will be minimal to zero accidents in your warehouse.

  Improved health

With Proper illumination in your warehouse, there is improved health of your workers. With proper lighting, workers will not strain their eyes hence better vision unlike with poor and inadequate lighting. Remember; healthy workers perform optimally.

    warehouse smart lighting

Other than energy efficiency, smart lighting comes with automated controls that change the brightness of light in your home or office. You can as well change the lighting manually but with the use of your smartphone or pc.

Smart lighting has extended to warehouses. With smart lighting in your warehouse, you get to control the lighting of your warehouse remotely. You can either dim them, brighten them, switch them on and off with ease. At SUNPER WAREHOUSE LIGHTING SOLUTIONS, you will find warehouse lighting that comes in an array of wattages ranging from 50w to 200w. These lightings come with advanced controls that will help you cut energy costs while at the same time reduce maintenance.

Concluding Thoughts

In a world that is highly driven by technology, it is only right that you conform to this new norm as it is for the better. You may not realize it but getting on board with this wave even in your warehouse will keep your business relevant and booming as such. Lighting your warehouse, the smart way is a long term investment that you will live to thank yourself for in future.

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