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Knowing what is DLC and the benefits of DLC

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It is very common to come across some energy-efficient lamps as well as lighting fixtures that are DLC listed when purchasing. The truth is that not all shoppers know what exactly this means. It is important to know what or who is DLC, what it means as well as the benefits of buying products that are DLC listed.

To start with, let us look at what is DLC.

DLC stands for DesignLights Consortium. This is a partnership of the energy efficiency stakeholders in the US and Canada. The main aim of it is to promote quality, better performance and energy efficient commercial sector of the lighting solutions. There are 78 DLC members that include regional, state, utility and energy efficiency programs. The members of DLC include Georgia Power, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG and E), Alliant Energy, Hawaii Energy, Efficiency Nova Scotia, Midwest Energy as well as the Electric Utility Marketing Managers of Texas.

In addition to the above, DLC works together with the lighting manufacturers, designers and other industries. DLC is actually a project of Northeast Energy Efficient Partnership usually shortened as NEEP. It was founded in the year 1996. It is a non profit organization and works in order to increase energy efficiency in both Northeast and Mid-Atlantic areas of the United States. It does so by simply reducing the energy use in buildings thereby increasing the visibility of the energy efficiency as well as advancing knowledge and best practices.

What does DLC mean?

DLC was first used in educating lighting distributors concerning high performance of the T8 fluorescent lamps. Nowadays, the DLC is mostly concerned with LED lighting since it has become more available and this has increased its market shares. DLC launched its Qualified Products List (QPL) IN 2010. DLC has specific technical needs which both lamps and fixtures must meet so as to be included on the QPL. They includes minimum efficacies and warranties, minimum life rating and minimum light outputs.

If a product meets the DLC’s criteria, then it can be added to the QPL and hence can be accessed online. The products can be searched by their keywords, manufacturer or their measured wattage like efficacy, CCT, CRI and much more. As of September 2015, there were 140,249 products on the QPL including both the indoor and outdoor luminaries as well as the retrofit kits and linear replacement lamps.

DLC can also delist products if they to meet the criteria required. An example is that it delisted 1,220 products in July, 2015. The products delisted were said to be employing screw bases. You can search the delisted products on the QPL.

DLC benefits

The benefits of purchasing products listed in the DLC or PQL include the following. To begin with, you can buy LED lamps and fixtures listed there knowing that they meet certain standards. This means that the products have gone under several tests. Buying a listed product means that you are eligible for money-saving rebate from the member utility companies. Lastly, you can get assistance if the products are DLC listed by simply calling them or sending an email to them. They are always happy to assist you and others.

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