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6 Benefits Of Using An Flood LED Lights

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Flood LED lights provide bright lighting which is necessary at night. They are ideal for use when working at night in a construction site as well as areas that need lighting at night such as stadiums and warehouses. The lights are very powerful and they are gradually replacing HPS flood lights. Most high-pressure sodium or HPS flood lights use excited sodium to produce visible light. They are bright and can cover large areas but they pose health hazards to people. Subsequently, they are being replaced by flood LED lights which is a safer and a better option. For instance, HPS flood lights contain mercury which poses great health risks. Conversely, LED flood lights are safer because they don’t contain mercury or any toxic elements. The following is close look at the advantages of LED flood lights. 

1. Long life

LEDS are known for their long life and durability. They usually last for about 50,000 hours which is longer than other types of lights such as halogen and incandescent lights. Their longevity will save you replacement and maintenance cost, effort and time in the long run. So, you will not have to worry about replacement of these lights for a long time. 

2. Energy saving 

LEDs can save 70-90 percent energy in comparison with other types of lights such as halogen and incandescent lights. The main problem with the traditional lights is that most of the energy supplied is converted to heat which is then wasted since it is dissipated in the surrounding air. Consequently, you can save up to 2.4 monthly on your electricity bill when using an 11-Watt LED flood light for about six hours every day. 

3. Low temperature

This is a great outstanding feature of flood LED lights. They emit very little heat unlike most traditional flood lights which have low efficiency and emit a lot of heat when operating. They are also rarely affected by temperature fluctuations. This makes them ideal for lighting cold storage areas and warehouses since they emit very little heat. 

4. Free of mercury 

Flood LED lights are environmental friendly and pose no health risks to human. This is because they don’t contain mercury and other toxic substances which are very common in traditional HPS flood lights and other lights. Mercury isn’t used in their production which implies they are environmental friendly and safe to people nearby. 

5. Safer 

LED flood lights are safer when compared to the traditional flood lights. They are the safest flood lighting options due to the absence of heat dissipation. They do not produce huge amount of heat which reduces the risk of experiencing fire accidents. On the other hand, traditional HPS lights produce a lot of heat which is associated with fire and electric accidents. 

6. High Color Rendering Index

LEDs have a better color rendering index than HPS lights. The lights generate brighter light which is almost the same as daylight. Their high color rendering index results to an artistic attractiveness to the surrounding and makes objects appear more vivid just like daytime which is not possible with the traditional high-pressure sodium lights.

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