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How the LED outdoor flood lights and LED driver business relates together

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It is true that there are some relationship between the quality of the LED outdoor flood lights and their counterparts LED drivers. To get how the two relates, it is worth noting the following. Over the recent past, the LED outdoor flood lights have become so popular due to the rapid development applications of them. Theoretically, the LED outdoor flood lights have a lifespan of around 100,000 hours if used in the right way. However, in the actual application process, it is found that some of the LED lighting designers for the LED driver or the use of improper or inadequate understanding of this has led to the shortened life of these great products.

Actually, the difference can be about 2,000 hours of life and thus this is a very serious problem which should be checked in. LED driver is the most important feature in the LED lamps. It is the role of human beings to always create high-quality LED flood lights for better illumination with the right constant voltage driver. Nowadays, most of the manufacturers of the LED light products, capacitance buck, using resistance, Zener diode voltage regulator as well as the LED power supply always ensure that there is a big flaw of the LED drive way and the first low efficiency. Due to the fact that current increases the consumption of the electricity, a greater dropping resistor cannot be guaranteed by the LED current which does not exceed their usual job requirements. This is when designing what a certain product will adopt in order to reduce the voltage across the LED driver.

The proper designing of such a product is usually done at the expense of the cost of the LED brightness. The LED outdoor flood lights is not usually stable if the power supply voltage is low, when using resistance, when there is buck driven LED. However, if the power supply is high enough and the LED brightness is dimmed properly, then the LED brightness becomes better. There is still some parts of the LED lighting business that adopts use of resistance and capacitance buck mode LED driver.

In order to reduce the production costs, some of the manufacturers use constant voltage drive and this brings the same For the LED brightness uneven production. Consequently, LEDs cannot work in the best condition as they are supposed to and this causes some problems to the LED outdoor flood lights. Constant current source driver is normally the best LED drive mode since it does not have the output circuit limiting resistor in series. The current of the LED thus fails to flow through the external power supply voltage variations. This causes ambient temperature changes as well as discrete nature of the LED parameters influence. This may keep the current constant thereby giving full play to the excellent characteristics of the LED outdoor flood lights.

By using the constant current power supply to the LED products in order to give the LED outdoor flood lights, there is an automatic detection and control of the flow of current through the LED. This is mainly because of the power supply during the operation. Therefore, you should never worry if there is too much power on the current flowing through the LED. Still, there is no need to worry about the load short circuit power. There is constant current drive mode that can help to avoid the LED forward voltage changes usually caused by the current flowing fluctuation. However, a constant current to the LED brightness and stability also facilitates LED lighting plant in ensuring product consistency when implementing high-volume production. Thus, most manufacturers have already recognized the importance of the driving power and consequently they have abandoned the constant pressure mode.

Some of the manufacturers worry about the driver board which is used in electrolytic capacitors as they may affect the power of life. An example is that if you use 105 degrees for a product whose life is 8,000 hours of the high temperature electrolytic capacitors, then the life expectancy should be doubled for every 10 degrees. Thus, at 95 degrees the life should be around 16,000 hours and at 85 degrees the life should be 32,000 hours and so on. This means that life will be longer if this is followed correctly. It all depends on the kind of the electrolytic capacitors of the LED outdoor flood lights used, if they are high quality or not.

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