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Taiwan LED street lights with Intelligent Control System

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Hsinchu is the Taiwan’s LED street lights intelligent control system. It was declared that Taiwan will continue upgrading all the traditional street lights. This process started in the year 2013 in quest to get a good energy saving effect for all the high luminous efficiency LED street lights. Currently, a number of mercury Hsinchu has been upgraded and they are loaded with the intelligent street lights control system.

It is reported that the City Government of Hsinchu announced that the number of street lights that have already been upgraded is thirty five thousand. This is equivalent to seventy percent of the LED lamps which have been replaced already. The annual electricity savings amounted to 34.5 million yuan Taiwan dollars which is equivalent to around 6.9 million yuan. 6500 LED street lights is what the intelligent control system `has.

The Taiwan’s Executive Yuan designated Hscinchu referred to as Chiayi City as well as Keelung participation in the LED street lamp demonstration about the city planning. The implementation rate of Hsinchu was in the first row. Later on after the power-hungry upgraded traditional mercury had good energy efficiency as well as a lower failure rate. This simply means that the aim of establishing the Taiwan LED street lights with an intelligent control system had been achieved.

The intelligent street lights are simply provided by basically connecting a network monitoring platform using the LED lights. This does not only help in saving the electricity but also helps in reducing the maintenance required. In addition to this, there is also efficient road lighting which enhances the Hsinchu night landscape effects. This results to creation of a green technology city where all the individuals would like to live in. Generally, the Taiwan LED lights having an intelligent control system has made it more enjoyable for the residents since they use LED lights which they are sure of their control system.

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