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4 Major Reasons As To Why LED High Bay Fittings Are Better Than 400W Metal Halide Lamps

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The LED high Bay fittings and the 400 watt Metal Halide are just a few products that have assistive lightings. They are used for lighting purposes in some same places. However, it is not very clear which product is better than the other between the two stated products. A general answer is that LED high bays are better than the 400 watt Metal Halides and here are some of the reasons to justify this answer.

1. Consumes 50 percent less wattage

By replacing a 400 watt Metal Halide by a 200 watt LED high bay fittings, you will realize some changes with your energy bills. By just doing only this, you will have reduced the total fixture wattage by more than 5o percent. In return, this will reduce your utility bill by 50 percent for lighting. It is very easy to achieve this. As Crippen Automall based in Lansing Michigan, they went a mile ahead and replaced the 450 watt Metal Halide Fixtures with 200 watt LEDs. Eventually, they were able to reduce wattage by over 50 percent thereby making Crippen a more energy efficient area.

2. Consistent Lumen Output

Lumens are used in measurement of the light perceived by the human eye. This is an indication of the brightness level of a certain type of lighting. However, the lumen output usually decline with time. This means that a bulb you installed some three years ago will not produce the same lumen rating now as when it was new. The older bulbs especially the Metal Halide ones may lose up to 70 percent of their lumen output in a period of three years. On the other hand, the LED high bay fittings only loses ten percent of the total output over the entire life of the system.

Ten percent is a bit significant but the lifespan of a typical 400 watt Metal Halide is usually 8,000 hours while the lifespan of a LED high bay is usually 50,000 hours or even more. Thus, a degradation of ten percent in a period of ten years may not be noticeable. With time, you will realize that the LED high bay lighting fixtures may be brighter.

3. Has a higher Kelvin value

The everlasting fixtures usually have a high Kelvin value. Kelvin is used in comparison of the light quality to outdoor light. In the normal daylight conditions, a typical Kelvin value should be in the range of 5000K to 6000K. The LED high bay fitting is close to this value.

4. Has a higher Color Rendering Index

This is commonly abbreviated as CRI and sometimes referred to as color rendition index. It is a quantitative measure of ability of a certain light source to reproduce colors of different objects exactly in comparison with a natural or ideal light source. The higher the CRI, the closer the light source is to the natural light. A standard 400 watt Metal Halide Lamp has a CRI of 60 while the LED high bays have a CRI of more than 80. This makes it to be one of the closest light source to the natural light which is 100.

With the above clear reasons, it is clear that the LED high bay fittings are better than the 400 watt metal halide lamps. 

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