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Solar Powered LED Street Lights Should Become the New Norm

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When we hear of solar street light we are talking about street lights which are powered by photo-voltaic panels which receive the energy from the daytime light. They turn on and off automatically by sensing outdoor lights which is the sun by using a light source. Solar powered LED lights are designed to work when the sun is not there that is at night ,by this concept they ensure that our street are brighter at night for that night activities by the residence. 

With the more advantages and uses makes he solar street light the best light for our street this is due to;


Energy saving and less costly 

Solar LED lights consume much less energy because LED produce more light per Watt compared to HID lights. Led provide roughly 100+ Lumens and direct light on the ground making the lightnot to go at a wast by pushing light in all directions. by this light is focused in the right place.

Rechargeable Battery 

Solar LED Lights come with a pack of long life batteries which a rechargeable this make them to be used over a large span of time like 15 years. this make the government in place use less amount on these street lights.

Once in the street the expenditure on them is forgotten for they will automatically recharge by the use of free energy from them sun.

Non Polluting Source of Electricity

Street LED are made in a way that they only consume the energy from the sun only which is natural and does not pollute the environment . With the Solar LED Light on the street we are not worried about environment hazards.


This comes with daily check up to ensure that everything is working properly but with Solar LED lights maintenance is just another story for they once installed they will be working by them self. This makes them self independent no daily maintenance .
For a government this a less cost project compared to conventional street lights.


Coming with less maintenance, rechargeable battery these properties make it more long lasting. Once budgeted for no going back for yearly replacement.


Solar LED lights have a white light that promote better visibility this make it easy to see at night without straining this makes them the best for our street as it gives nothing but the best.

With specialized optics, LED's are able to direct the light in the direction that is needed. light can also be spread out distributively .

Self turn on

Solar LED lights like other street lights does not require a process of a warm up time or re-strike waiting time to go on they instantly turn on provided the sun is away this make them efficient.


With the development across the world, states should engage in activities that are less costly and are of high quality like for our street with the constant trade across the street both day time and at night the government need to consider the solar light as they are less costly. with that the street will be bright at a low cost.

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