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Three Overlooked Benefits Of Having A Good Outdoor Lighting System

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Most people usually focus on energy efficiency since it is the best opportunity to make good savings in energy-efficiency retrofits. It is also the main reason as to why most of the end-users take lighting retrofits. However, this does not mean that it is the only reason as there are some other benefits of the outdoor lighting retrofit that are not considered by many and here they are.

1. Reduce the security issues and costs as well

Good outdoor lighting assists in making your area more secure. Criminals and burglars normally decide to work at night since darkness helps them to obscure their criminal activities. You need to take away this advantage of criminals by lighting your area. If you have a parking area of any other outdoor area in use at night, having a proper outdoor illumination shall assist your customers and employees to stay safe from the criminal activities too. If something suspicious occurs, having a good outdoor lighting may assist the security personnel to identify as well as apprehend the perpetrators.

2. Helps to avoid legal trouble by improving trouble

Having the proper outdoor lighting assists in making your property safer. The pedestrians are not likely going to trip and injure themselves if the walkways are well lit. Thus, accidents are less likely going to happen if your parking lot is well lit. The minimum illumination level recommended for the barest sight essentials in any parking lot is just 1 foot-candle. However, the local codes require more in most cases. Both crime and accidents may lead to lawsuits. A certain study conducted by the Liability Consultants, Inc. showed that around 42 percent of all crimes committed in parking lots lead to lawsuits. The property owners found negligent during the occurrence of the accident due to inadequate lighting may get judgments against them of up to $1 million or even more.

The most essential thing towards improving safety as well as reducing liability is by having proper lighting. A certain community center in Spring Valley in California upgraded their outdoor lighting system and they achieved 75 percent reduction of the vehicle-pedestrian accidents and almost 90 percent reduction in the vehicle-vehicle accidents. The community center also saved $10,000 in vandalism restoration costs and about $25,000 per year in all costs associated by past break-ins.

3. Improves your building’s value

According to the American Time Use Survey, an average American spends around 3.4 hours every week shopping during weekdays. To most of the Americans, the shopping happens outside the normal work days, this means after nightfall while at the same time most workers work on non-traditional shifts. These shifts require them to go or leave their workplace in darkness. By simply having an effective outdoor lighting, this may significantly improve the appearance of the building. Buildings that appear smart usually attract more shoppers and tenants. As a result, this increases the occupancy rates. The higher occupancy rates normally adds to the overall value of the building.

In addition to the above, you should not forget the obvious one. Yes, it is worth to remember the main savings behind the outdoor lighting retrofit. For instance, if you replace 400 watts MH fixtures that consume 458W with LED street light fixtures that consume 200 W, you can be able to save 258 W per fixture. This would cut down your energy bills for the parking lot by 60 percent. 

Depending on the size of your parking area, your savings may be significant even before you add in your maintenance savings. You may consider the benefits of having an improved color uniformity that some with the switch from metal halide to LED lightings. Definitely, you will generate more savings if you upgrade your outdoor lighting as part of a comprehensive retrofit. An energy efficient lighting retrofit having an outdoor lighting may give you a good chance to reduce your energy bills by reducing energy consumed. You will achieve this while at the same time enjoying other benefits of having an improved outdoor lighting.

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