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Why Sports Facilities Are Now Using LED Lighting Products In Their Stadiums

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The use of the LED lighting products has become so popular and these products are used in almost all areas. They are not only used in warehouses and in industries, but also in sports facilities. If you are wondering how the LED lighting products have scored big in the sporting facilities, below is how.

To start with, the most outstanding stats were shared with the fans who visited War Memorial Arena in Syracuse in New York. There is no any given night during the last season that was showcased on the scoreboard. Instead, the monitor was found inside the turnstiles. On the screen, there was no performance of the Hockey leagues Syracuse Crunch in America. However, the structure itself has a lighting system at the center. For so many years, the sports stadiums as well as arenas have always been using the metal halide lights in order to illuminate the playing surfaces.

However, this has changed with time since most of the sports facilities have upgraded and adopted use of the LED lighting products. It is also worth noting that this is a green energy lighting solution that has steadily grown to popularity especially with office buildings, restaurants, street lighting as well as in parking lots. A very good example is that this green energy lighting solution has now become very popular and thus widely used in various areas such as in multi-purpose facilities as well as in sport stadiums like football stadiums and others.

Examples of stadiums that have already installed the LED lighting products include the following. The stadium of the University of Phoenix which is also known as the “home of the NFC West-leading Arizona Cardinals”. Another stadium that has installed the LED lighting products is the NRG Stadium. This stadium is also known as “home to the National Football Leagues Houston Texans”. These two stadiums installed the LED lighting products prior the 2014 season and since then they have been using it as the light source.

The Houston president by the name Jamey Rootes said that the payback is impressive and it is in terms of energy savings. This has highly improved the illumination of various events. The illumination is not only to events happening in the stadium, but also to those held outside the arena. He further said that by installing the LEDs, the benefits of quality presentations on televisions and to fans in the stadium are also increased. This gives the arena a vibrant sporting experience.

The national hockey league has also generated a sustainability report for the North American professional sports league. Since then, they have a role in installation of the LEDs. The PNC Arena in Raleigh in North Carolina was the first US-based NHL to install the LED lighting systems. In addition to the NHL, the state basketball arena in North Carolina also installed the LED lighting products. It is expected that energy consumption will reduce by up to 70 percent.

Right now, many sports venues are preferring use of the LED lighting systems to the metal halides. The cost of LED products has come down and thus the difference in cost is very negligible. The lifespan of the LEDs is also longer by three times than that of the metal halides, thus higher returns on investment. Due to all these reasons, several sports facilities are now considering replacing the metal halides with the LEDs. This is to enhance their facilities as well as to reduce carbon footprint.

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