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Led highbay and led low bay in America market

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Both the LED high bay and LED low bay lights are usually used in both industrial and commercial lighting especially lighting supermarkets and big malls, factory floors, warehouses as well as other indoor open areas. The LED low bay lights are generally installed in twenty feet or less. This is approximately six meters. The LED high bay lights are normally installed in twenty feet and above which is also around six meters high in the ceiling lights.

If the area to be provided with lighting is large, then the bay lights require a high flux output. The low bay light of the lighting output is usually 5,000 to 15,000 lumens. The high bay light fixture of the light output is normally 15,000 to 100,000 lumens. The bay light sources used can be a high-intensity discharge lamps. These include the metal halide lamps, the high pressure sodium lamp as well as fluorescent lamps that include T5, T8 as well as T12 and LED.

High Bay and Low Bay Consumption in Unite States:


There is early flux simply because the LED bay lights cannot reach the output requirements and thus there is lack of adequate market competitiveness. An example is that the 2013 US market only had 269 kinds of the LED high bay lights and LED low bay lighting. However, currently is only the US market of LED high bay lights have 1415 types. This is 0around 55 percent of the light output in excess of 15,000 lumens. According to the statistics, it is only 482 kinds of LED low bay lights output that exceed the average level of the 8000 lumens. According to the survey conducted in 2014 in the US, the bay light series in the market average price was $47 per 1000 lumens. The average luminous efficiency of 97 lumens per watts reached to 141 lumens per watt.

In 2012, the LED bay lights had an amount of 400,000 and in 2013 it increased to 1,800,000 and in 2013 it reached to 3,100,000. The total amount of the US high bay and low bay light is 139 million. The LED bay light was 2% of the total amount while the other 1% was HPS. The metal halide lamps accounted for 19%, T8 fluorescent accounted for 25%, T5 fluorescent lamps accounted for 51%.

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