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The Trend Of The LED Street Lamps In USA

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The LED street lamps basically refer to the lights that are used in streets. Street lights also refer to the road lamps that provide lighting functions. The traditional street lights normally used the high intensity discharge lamps commonly abbreviated as HID as the light source. Examples of the light sources include the high pressure sodium usually abbreviated as HPS, the metal halide lamps commonly abbreviated as MH as well as the mercury lamp normally abbreviated as MV. It is best when the LED street lamps are used compared to the traditional lighting options due to various reasons.

The LED lighting devices have a wide range of applications in lighting and therefore they have unique advantages to those who use them. Among the major advantages include the following. The first one is that the Led lights are directional lights and thus a larger space is well lighted. The other advantages include their long lifespan as well as durable. These two benefits are very essential as they will help you to save in the long run.

This is also among the main reasons as to why a part of the city in the United States has already started the LED street lamps lighting retrofit projects. Among the cities that have started this include the city of Los Angeles and California all in USA. They even completed more than 150,000 Led street lamps transformation in these cities. During the transformation, they were able to save 63% as compared to the previous project and thus enabled them to save $ 8 million every year.

However, the prices of the LED street lamps are a bit more expensive as compared to that of the metal halide lamps and high pressure sodium lights(HPS). In the year 2014, the market price of the high pressure sodium was $1.2 per a thousand lumens, for metal halide lamps was $2.1 per a thousand lumens while that of mercury was $2 per a thousand lumens. The average market price of the LED street lamps market was $5 to $8 per a thousand lumens.

According to the statistics, the average luminous efficiency of LED lights in 2014 was 90 to 100lm/W. The best level was to reach 137lm/W, 130lm/W the HID light levels as compared to the best luminous efficiency. Generally, the LED street lamps normally have more than 50,000 hours of the rated life. They also have high intensity discharge lamps and their lifespan is more than three times of the traditional lights.

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