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The Canada LED Lighting Market Analysis

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The lamps varieties in Canada are fewer and thus the price is high. The products have less installation services. The government is currently promoting energy conservation due to the high electricity prices. Currently, the competition in Canada of these products is very low and hence it is dominant in the retail stage.


The networking solutions in Canada is led by the DataTelllit Company. He said this since North Americans put more emphasis on family values. Another thing to notice is that the winters in this country are long and thus many children have time with parents. Generally, Canadians stay with their families for long periods. Another crucial thin worth noting is that the country has an aging society, party culture. This means that residents are willing to invest more time and more money in decorating their home environments. To be very specific to the LED lighting market, the North American home improvement market space is very large. It is the second largest retailer Home Depot in the United States. Lowe’s as well as other building supplies are the world’s leading retailer of the home sales for 3 consecutive quarters of a positive growth.


However, despite the Canadian home market space being so large, there exist products that are a bit difficult in meeting individual needs. The highest market share in the Canada Home Depot which is DataTelllt, the market investigators show that its store fixtures can be divided into four categories. The first of the four categories include traditional chandelier. It is a five traditional chandelier which is priced at 469 Canadian dollars, expensive as well as the ex-factory price.


The second category is the modern chandeliers that have spotlights as well as ceiling lamps. The price of a single species is expensive. The product is a bit rare and not very personalized. There is a big difference when compared with Shenzhen LED market range of the goods. This is a China LED export enterprise aimed at providing a good market opportunity. 


When it comes to sales channels, Canada is selling products in a very traditional way. The main mode of selling products is offline such as showrooms. The online sales channels in this country are relatively backward. Since Canada is not densely populated, installation services provided are fewer. Thus, the needs are not fully met in all regions as they mainly rely in Do It Yourself culture.


The Canadian government is currently promoting energy conservation among the citizens. Since the prices keeps on increasing, the government has adopted a standard for energy saving lamps. This is because inefficient lamps were some of the restrictions. In 2009, Canada passed the Green Energy Act. In 2014, the Canadian government revised the minimum energy efficiency standards of 40W, 60W, 75W and 100W bulbs. This was in support of the policy given by the government or replacing the traditional lighting by LED lamps.


The Department of Energy is US has data that showed that in the four consecutive quarters of 2014, there was a steady growth trend of replacing the traditional lamps with LED lights. The market strategy in the country can be divided in 3 steps. The first one is replacing the light bulbs. The major product of Canada is mainly LED bulbs though the price is still high. By 2020, it is expected that prices will have declined. In addition to this, the conversion to Blue Ocean from Red Sea will have competitive strategy. The DataTelllt will have one main turning point and thus a trend in the smart home market and upgrade of intelligent LED lighting.


It is important to know how to upgrade these products to create more value demand and opportunities to help meet different needs of customers. Commercial competition is crucial as far as value is concerned. DataTelllt stresses that analysis come from acquisition of data and ability to have data intrinsic value. Carrying big data, information technology and cloud computing can help assist in achieving the upgrading and transformation of the traditional industries.


DataTelllt believes that the smart lighting market that is there currently is not as smart as that of Philips hue besides having high prices. The real intelligence should first perceive, understand the family environment, changes in the environment such as humidity, temperature as well as air change. The concepts mentioned by DataTelllt can be established through smart home lighting, network formation and more opportunities for the third parties to create value by collaboration and data. It is their great hope that the LED manufacturers and vendors will develop an intelligent LED lighting products in Canada. 

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