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Top 5 Lighting Trends Expected in 2016

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We are in January and thus the New Year has many months to go. Before the year ends, there are some biggest trends expected to occur evenly throughout the year. The lighting industry is one area expected to meet this big trends prior the year ends. This industry has so many products and new ideas they hope to manufacture and bring in the market. Some of the great predictions expected to happen in this year in the lighting industry include the following.


1. Increased research

The year 2015 was very successful as we witnessed a bit of research that was led by the leading institutions on focusing more on finding cheaper ways to make the LEDs. Some were scientists from the University of Utah where they used discarded bread as well as soft drinks in making the LED to the discovery of new organic compound in Florida State University. This led to creation of LEDs that were cheaper. In this year, manufacturers are looking for innovative ways to help us incur less costs. They will do this by just providing products that can help us achieve this at an attractive price point.


2. More innovation

Apart from the research of making the LEDs products cheaper, the designers are working hard by carrying out different exciting experiments as well as developments. They are simply doing this to further explore other aspects of the LED light. An example is that in last year, they did a research in Korea where doctors were using the blue LEDs to help them in treating patients with Alzheimer’s disease. In the month of September, a certain medical facility in France made announcement that they had developed a light-emitting textile device which could be used in treat the skin cancer. By this innovation, the lighting designers believe that the scientific community has scratched the surface on some of the possibilities of the LED light and hence they are proud of this.


3. The era of smart lighting

Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Lighting movements have exploded within the last few months. With the major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago and San Diego are launching massive smart lighting projects in their street lightings. With the massive smart lighting products available, it is clear that the market analysts are expecting the smart lighting products to hit $8.14 billion by year 2020.


4. Commercial market growth

The lighting designers strongly believe that use of the LED lighting products shall continue growing in both industrial and commercial industries in this year. More businesses and companies are realizing that the LED products give better light and also helps in saving when it comes to energy bills. In fact, a recent market report indicated that the global industrial and commercial LED markets shall grow to $86 million by year 2019. This will be a good growth rate of 30.8 percent as from 2013 to 2019.


5. New and improved products

They strongly believe that 2016 is going to be a tremendous amount of innovative LED products. Thus, they are planning to continue offering customers the best. You can just bookmark their Blog, follow them on both Twitter and Facebook as well as subscribe to their Commercial Lighting News Feed. By doing so, you will be informed all the latest as well as greatest news on LED lighting products one should know.

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