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Comparison between 200 watts LED high bay and 400 watts HPS HID

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The comparison is a very important aspect as it helps us to determine the strengths of a certain item compared to another one. It is highly applied when it comes to purchase of products. Be doing the right comparison, one is able to make a wiser decision that may be of benefits especially in the long run. With respect to this, it is highly recommended to first have a clear description of the items you are proposing to buy. To help our customers make better decisions, below is comparison of a 200 watts LED high bay with a 400 watts one. The major objective is to know if you can replace one of them with other without necessarily incurring much expenses, time or even losses.


On the question of if a 200 watts LED high bay can replace a 400 watts HID, it is actually yes and no to some extent. This is because you first have to look keenly at the lux or candles you need. You also need to check whether the LED light gets close to the lumens of a certain 400 watts HID or the HPS it gives out. One can easily and effectively do this by simply comparing the data and some simple calculations. The calculations involved include the following. To get the number of candles, you simply take the data obtained and divide by 11.76 and you will be done. For you to get the number of lux, just multiply the value you obtained from the data by 11.76 and it is that simple.


However, the most ideal lighting fixtures you should use when replacing the old high energy metal halides include the HPS, flood lights as well as low bay fixtures. The old metal halides may be HID as well as HPS old fixtures. The LED fixtures may use less power by about 50 to 60 percent to get the same candles, lumens or lux compared to what HID gives and the power it consumes. Therefore, this will enable you save more in electrical bills and hence big profits. It will also give you big bonus on the lux, candles and lumens used than the bonus you would get with HID. It is thus of paramount importance to update your system and start enjoying these benefits.


The applications are made in warehouse, commercial facilities, retail facilities as well as in manufacturing industries. The LED high bay light fixtures perform best at mounting heights of 15 to 40 feet. For 10 to 20 feet, use 150 watts LED high bay. For 25 to 30 feet, use a 200 watts LED high bay and finally for 30 to 40 feet, the recommended LED high bay to use is a 300 watts one.

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