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Why You Should Replace The Metal Halide With High Bay LED Light Fixtures

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If you are still using the metal halide fixtures in your factory, it is the high time you should consider of replacing them with the high bay LED light fixtures. By doing that, the first thing you get to realize is that the energy expenses will reduce. Apart from energy expenses reduction, as time goes by you will notice that the annual maintenance expenses will also reduce. Below are some of the reasons as to why you should start using the high bay LED light fixtures in your factory if you are yet to install them.

The utility bill keeps on getting higher and higher as time passes. You may not have realized this but it is because the utility bill increases with small increments and thus unless you are very keen, you can easily notice it. However, in the long run you may come to notice that. You can also realize this by closely monitoring your system and then analyze the data you will have obtained. 

One thing we are certain of is that utility rates are not expected to go down anytime soon, the main reason is that lighting in factory is mostly overlooked since there is no one present when the lights are on. Surely, those who are yet to replace the 400 watt metal halides with the LED high bays are really missing a very good opportunity to save money. It is good not to allow any energy efficiency information overwhelm you. You should also not allow the technical jargon and spread sheets blind you since energy saving is a simple thing and you can easily achieve it.

It is simpler to understand the great value of energy efficiency by simply looking at an example. To effectively do this, here is an example about a UK factory.

Facts and Assumptions

The lighting in this factory is on a fixed timer that works throughout the night. To have a basis of calculation, it is assumed that the lights are on for eleven hours per every night. A fact is that the fixtures used are 400 watt metal halides and in total they are about 58. Now, below is how you can reduce the total energy cost by 50 percent by simply reducing the wattage by 50 percent. 

An inductive high bay LED light fixtures is used in this application. They are preferred because of their capability to reduce wattage as well as maintenance required. The old wattage of a 400 watt metal halide is 458 watts while the new wattage with the inductive fixture is around 215 watts. The fixtures are one for one replacement and usually results to more. Here are some calculations you should carry out to see how much you can save if the reducing watts are able to reduce Kilowatt Hours by 50 percent.

Using the old 400 watt metal halide fixture will be lead to 106, 188 KWH per year while the new induction high bay LED light fixtures amounts to 50,067 KWH per year. This is based on 4015 hours of usage annually and electric current of 0.11 per KWH. By using 50 percent less Kilowatt, you will have 50 percent savings or even more. The old 400 watt metal halide fixture leads to a cost of $11,680 per year while the new induction LED high bay fixtures costs $5,507 annually. After subtraction, you will realize the savings will be $6,173 per year which is more than 50 percent savings.

Reduces operating costs while at the same time reducing

For the maintenance savings, the metal halides are more costly to keep them running especially the older ones. Assuming the rate of replacing the lamps is once per three years and that the lifespan is 13,000 to 15,000. The cost to maintain an existing 400 watt metal halide is as follows.

If the cost of each lamp is $30 and they are about 58 of them, the total cost will be $1,740. 

The lift rental is about $300. If the cost of labor is $60 per hour working for 28 hours, this will amount to $1,680. 

By summing all the above, the grand total comes to $3,720 for every three years. 

The cost to fix new fixtures is as follows. After calculating everything, you will find that the total savings within the lifespan will be $13,020. 

This is an average of $1,240 per year. Adding all the savings, you will get a total of $7,413 per year.

From the above analyzed data, it is clear that by using the high bay LED light fixtures in place of the metal halides, you will be able to save more than 50 percent. Surely, this is awesome.

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