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LED lights high bay help industrial facilities save up to 70 percent of the energy

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It is a fact that the LED lights high bay can help greatly saving up to 70 percent in energy cost of the industrial facilities. There is no shortage of the high ceiling lighting options for the warehouses. However, the ones that become very prominent in the industrial facilities is the light emitting diode technology LED. The facility managers and operators are concerned about keeping costs down while at the same time doing their part in order to significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. This is achieved by upgrading to green energy saving LED high bay lighting in their facilities.

The energy savings as well as reduced facilities maintenance costs are some of the reasons why the LED lights are a famous choice for the industrial facilities such as oil refineries, warehouses, manufacturing plants as well as distribution centers. It also happens to be what makes the LED lights high bay a better choice when compared to the fluorescent and other lighting options. To be specific, the LED products not only require a fraction of the power of other light sources but also it is a brighter and higher light quality. Therefore, reducing energy costs up to 90 percent accompanied by various improvements is a great achievement in the workers’ productivity.

In addition to the above, the LED is not only a much cooler light source but also it lasts up to ten times longer compared to the fluorescent as well as CFLs. The LED can operate at a temperature of about 78F. The reduction in heat is so great such that the HVAC systems do not have to work very hard in order to maintain a comfortable temperature. The 20 percent cooling cost reduction in these products is evident on the utility bills. The HVAC units thus need to be serviced less often for the parts will last for a longer period.

The LED lights offer industrial facilities a long life and thus they are more durable. They have a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours or more. It all depends on where it is being applied. Replacement and maintenance costs occur once per every five to ten years. LED products are recyclable unlike other lighting products which require hazardous disposal. The fluorescent lights tend to flicker and they are also known to cause headaches in some workers. Since the LED applies digital technology, therefore the direction, brightness, color temperature and range of other attributes can be controlled and applied uniformly. This means that the facilities can program different sets of lighting instructions for each area within the facility.

The LED lighting has become very effective and efficient in the last few years. In addition to the above, there is a big national push towards the green energy solutions and LED is part of that effort. As a result, there are a number of incentives, financing options and rebates which help greatly in reducing the costs. This makes the LED high bay lightings for the industrial facilities a viable as well as an affordable choice. All the above is how the LED lights high bay are helping the industrial facilities to save up to 70 percent of the energy costs.

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