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Instruments used to measure the LED high bay lights fixtures

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An option for measuring factors such as illuminance, luminance, light duration as well as efficiency of the LED high bay lights fixtures is usually given. All these factors have to do with quality lighting plus quality factors. Interestingly, these factors controllable and they guarantee good illumination systems. There are many companies that have specialized with lighting engineering topics. This is in quest to improve on quality of the products. There is also need to have luminaries and lamps sent to them for tests. All you are required to do is to know what the measurement systems can provide. In addition to this, you also need to know how they work, how the faults due to measurements can be reduced as well as the results concerning the lamps, luminaries and lighting installation.

The simplest instrument to use is the Luxmeter/ photometer. This is a small device and thus it can be packed easily in order to have a fast measurement of the situation ready. Ensure that the illuminance level is sufficient, it meets the standards and it is according to the agreed terms and conditions. A Goniophotometer and Integrating Sphere should stay in the hands of the specialized companies and people. The machines are very big and expensive and thus it is hard to get into the engineering background.

Another possible thing is the luminance camera. Just ensure that those handling the camera are well trained. There are various types of these camera and hence it is good you first consider some factors prior buying one. Have a short overview of the 4 most crucial measurement instruments and know how each of them works. Below is more information about Goniophotomter, Integrating sphere and the other instruments.

Integrating sphere or Ulbricht Sphere

This is a measuring device used to measure the total luminous flux of high bay lights fixtures and other light source. It has a spherical chamber that is coated with diffuse, white and highly reflecting inside so as to scatter and diffuse the light from the source. It has a detector that measures the total ambient light which incidents on the aperture. This sphere can accommodate different lamp sizes from the sub-miniature incandescent bulbs to the 52 inches fluorescent lamps.


This is an aperture used to measure the luminous intensity from each angle of the lamp or fixture. The intensity distribution of luminous is measured in a series of different planes. The three main parts of this instrument include the rotating table that the fixture is placed on, the long arm with a mirror at the end which rotates around the fixture and the last one is a light sensor which measures the light that is reflected by the mirror.

Photometer/ Luxmeter

This measures the illuminance level in the lx or lux. It consists of a small detector that measures the incident light on the surface. The results are indicated as a digital number on the display part of the device. It is small and hence portable.

Luminance camera

This is a digital camera which captures the luminance images. Computer software provides evaluation possibilities of the scenes such as color temperature, luminance, color rendering index and many other options.

The system mostly consists of the computer software and camera. Some devices serve evaluation possibilities that are already within the backside display although this depends with the type of the camera being used.

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