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Understanding the differences between the warm and cool white LED highbay lights

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Most of the new customers of the LED technology products are not aware of the difference between the warm white and the cool white products. They are not in a position to realize that the LED highbay lights usually come in different variations of the white. The traditional high bays normally function by passing the electricity power through a wire which glows hot thereby producing light. Since the LED highbay lights are very different as they utilize different technology and they are much more technically improved, it becomes easier to select the color of the light that you desire.

The color temperature of the light can be measured simply as a number obtained on the Kelvin scale. This is usually represented by a number and then the symbol K. The color temperatures of over 5000K which are considered to be high are said to be cool colors and most regularly they have a blue tone to them. On the other hand, the low color temperatures of around 2500K to 3200K are said to be warm colors and they usually have orange or yellow tones to them. Some of the examples on the difference in the Kelvin scale are as follows.

A candle flame usually has a Kelvin value of about 1850K while he traditional incandescent lights usually have a Kelvin value of around 2700K to 3300K. The Kelvin value of the moonlight is around 4100K. On any overcast day, the light should be around 6500 Kelvins. However, there are three options of the white color available when it comes to the LED highbay lights. They are usually referred to as cool white or warm white depending on the temperature. The warm white is normally around 3000 Kelvins while the natural white is around 4000 Kelvin. On the other hand, the cool white is around 5000 to 6000 Kelvins. When selecting the LED high bays, it is very important to check the Kelvin value of the product you are intending to purchase.

In domestic lighting, 75 to 80 percent of the customers buy the LED high bays of cool white since they give the closest match to the HPS, metal halide lamps in the warehouse, factories and many others which they replace. The light emitted by the cool white LED highbay lights is described as daylight since it provides excited emotions in order to promote the productivity hence boosting efficiency.

However, some of the customers buy the warm white LED low bays especially if they want soft light or if they want to get a warm look to the big office. This mostly suits the color schemes which are usually soft and they use the primary colors. The color schemes are usually yellow so as to create a comfortable working environment.

Interestingly, it is also possible to use both the cool and warm white LED highbay lights in the same industrial lighting applications concerning the different switches in order to give options on how the factory or the warehouse will look like. In the commercial lighting, most of the customers prefer the cool white LED highbay lights. These gives brighter lights and hence one should be careful with it to ensure that the color temperature is well maintained since it may be too high. Failure to do this, the effect brought by it will be very harsh to human eyes.

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