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How to Differentiate Low and High Quality LED Lights

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50,000 hours is quite a long time. Most of the LED manufacturers usually write big figures as the lifespan of their products. However, the reality is that this is not always the case. You should not focus so much on the warranty since the warranty covers about one or two years which is equivalent to about 10 percent of total working hours. The reality is that customers do not always get what they expect from the cheap products. Therefore, you need to consider some factors when selecting between the high and low-quality LED lights. Such factors to always consider include the following.


Most people might not consider weight too much. However, by considering weight, you can get quality products. This is because most of the low weight products are generally not good. Since all the LED lights need good heat dissipation, it means that a good amount of aluminum must be used hence weighing high. The thin heat sink provides a larger area in less weight although it cannot transfer adequate heat for removal. It is only by cooling that you can solve this.

LED Chip

They are normally manufactured using different small and big enterprises in the world. The USA and Japan-based suppliers usually make the highest quality for longer lifespan as well as more reliability. All that matters is the materials used in making the chip. A larger chip provides more lights as well as good stability against the current variations, though it costs more. The small LED chip provides greater stability and less light. The Cree and Philips lights, apart from using different sizes, they also use multiple small chips so as to provide greater stability and more light.

Power Supply

This is yet another factor that you should consider and it is very important. LEDs are semiconductors that require be driven carefully and according to the ratings. The LED also requires be driven with a constant Direct Current supply in order to prolong the lifespan. However, the LED drivers are unreliable because of some things such as the following. The low life capacitors and low-quality components make them unreliable. The non-branded LED drivers usually use normal capacitors that work only for 1,000 hours at elevated temperature. The Meanwell drivers calculate the life of capacitors so as to work for more than 6 years.

Low quality

When it comes to LED lights, the rare earth phosphor is very costly. The cheap producers normally use the low-quality phosphor so as to lower the cost. A Street light having different white colors might be a sign of low-quality phosphor. The major challenge for LED producers is maintaining same colors. The CRI is also very important and should be considered. Cheap LED lights do not have good CRI since a good CRI must have high-quality phosphor.


Most people select LED lights in their homes without considering what kind of lights they really need. Most of the cheap LED lights normally have same optics for multiple needs. LED Street lights cannot make adequate illumination and an opaque cover is not good for lighting.


How the producers construct them is also a factor to consider. Consider the design, feel, look and strength when choosing your LED product. Most producers make too many products in order to compete. Careless and fast production may mean that the making of the products is not good, hence they might not last longer.

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