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Why You Should Transfer to Solar Power and Solar Lighting

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Have you ever wondered why solar power is a great option to the standard grid electric? Well, here are the reasons as to why solar power as well as solar lighting systems are the best over the traditional lights.

To start with, solar power is green power. Green energy is the new rage. It is also a great way in which people should consider for the future of our plant as well as reduce our impact on the environment. Secondly, solar energy is renewable and thus we cannot exhaust it. Sun is always there even during the cloudiest days. There is always a bit if insolation available for these solar panels to soak up.

The other reason is that solar power is available in all places and can be installed anywhere. Regardless of the circumstance, the solar panel is capable of getting energy whether sunny or not. Nowadays, there is even technology that is capable to turn roofing or the windows into photovoltaic sources. The next reason as to why you should use solar lighting as well as solar power is that it is more durable. The silicon wafer is not durable itself. However, it can stick behind a glass and thus you will have the making for something which can withstand much of the elements. In addition to this, the durability of the glass tends to increase as the technology increases. You may check out at the SolarWorld’s Indestructable Panels. For other protection such as the protective panel backs, they can also be used to increase durability of the free standing solar power systems.

Solar power and solar lighting are also economic friendly and thus there is no emission of harmful gases from the solar panel. The other advantage is that solar power is cost effective, meaning that you are able to save more. Solar lighting provides cost savings by the fact that you do not have to pay for electricity bills. You also make more savings on the fact that you do not need to trench in grid power. Trenching in grid power also disturbs the surrounding landscapes, repairing areas, hardscapes and more others.

The installation process is also very easy. Typically, you only a few nuts to hold your panel secure as well as some basic wiring. The solar lighting systems also provide power to your system at the pinnacle of the pole for installation configurations, thereby leaving all the crucial electrical materials at the pinnacle of the pole. The solar power systems require a simpler installation. However, the low voltage direct current power is safer to work with compared to the standard electric.

The other reason is that there is low voltage, typically 24 or 13 volts direct current. This means that there is safer usage as well as installation. The ninth reason for using solar power is that solar power utilizes low powered items such as CFL or LED lamps and lower powered electronics. Thus, they do not use much power like the standard electric systems. In addition to this, the LEDs are usually powered from 12 VDC and require alternating current adapters in order to power with the standard electric. The DC power for the LEDs are able to operate more effectively by simply providing less heat and more light.

If you have a parking lot and you need to light it as well as install camera, it is very easy with solar power since they can get mounted anywhere. By doing so, you will also be saving a lot. The other reason is that battery backup of most solar systems usually utilize the battery backup to allow three plus storage of power and to keep the system running. If the sun goes out, you will still be able to use the power that was backed up.

The second last reason is that solar lighting is wildlife friendly since solar panels utilize lower lumens per watt. The turtle friendly lights may also be powered by the solar power systems since LEDs are widely available in the spectrum of the color and does not affect the surrounding wildlife like turtles. The last reason is about the tax credits or grants. The government provides tax credits as well as grants so as to assist in the purchase of the solar panels. It is good you hurry up since the Federal Tax Credit does expire and is currently expiring end on this year.

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