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More about the project to install 350000 LED street lamps in Chicago

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Over the recent past, Illinois and Chicago announced that it will carry out a smart lighting project so as to convert the outdoor lighting to be the most energy-efficient LED light source. This smart lighting project is aimed at installing 350,000 LED street lamp. Chicago is also planning to build a centralized management of networked lighting systems, likelihood using lamp deployment to expand the fiber-optic network. This will enable the city to easily provide new services. The Chicago’s infrastructure trust (CIT) involved in this project issued a request for information (RFI). The deadline for the application is November 15.

The Chicago LED technology has been slow compared to other major cities. An example is that California and Los Angeles deployed more than 140,000 LED street lamp installed in the system. They are all active in the wireless networking functionality. However, the Chicago reconstruction project will be carried out with the biggest solid state lighting (SSL) transformation. CIT confirmed that inventories totaled to 348,500 outdoor lighting lamps. This included all the Chicago streets, viaducts, lanes, pathways and so on. These agencies are responsible for the installation as well as maintenance of lighting.

The city mayor by the name Rahm Emanuel built this lighting project in order to reduce the electricity costs as well as maintenance costs of the LED street lamp. It is intended to provide symbiosis network services. It will serve people and also provide necessary funding for the project. The city mayor said that the project will not cause any additional burden to the taxpayers. Emanuel also said that after they improve the lighting in the Chicago system, they will seek a more cost-effective way in order to operate and provide more durable services. In addition to this, they will ensure that all the nearby streets and parks have the right lighting system in order to create a better living environment.

He also said that both the public and private sectors should seek for ways to improve their services and create new revenue. This project is also meant to create opportunities to work with the city so as to realize the modernization of lighting while at the same time saving costs and improving the energy efficiency in the town.

More specifically, the LED street lamp project will build a network infrastructure which will be used to provide the services regardless of the outdoor lighting. The RFI documents showed that the existing city and park infrastructure in both quality and safety of the life service will be enabled. The project will expand the city LED street lamp by use of the optical fiber networks as well as the digital services for easier evaluation.

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