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Why CA80 test of LED lighting products in Australia is needed

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The technical support of the New Zealand Commission on illumination has provided the LED lamps CA80 pre-testing services. CA80 is the New Zealand’s Commission on illumination for LED lighting products. It is meant to help in identifying the certificate of a certain product. All those that meet the requirements of the LED products enjoy government subsidies in this region. All the LED lights are supposed to have the fire rating tests in order to meet the basic standards as required. Here is some information about the Australia and New Zealand product safety certification.


Australia is yet to have a unified security certification mark. However, with the play after 1st March in year 2013, a formal implementation of the RCM Australian flag was introduced and thus this continent shall have the unified security marks. Anytime a consumer is buying a LED light product, he or she should check if it has RCM certification mark. This means that the product is genuine and complies with the safety requirements as well as electromagnetic compatibility requirements. The RCM certification is both C-TICK and SAA.


The Australian SAA safety certification standards of the LED lighting products is AS/ NZS 60598.2:2001. The control class of the electrical products according to the AS/ NZS4417.2 division includes electric equipment, electric tools, refrigeration equipment, spare parts and many others. The most active regions in the accreditation process include Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The electricity Act 1994 announced the detailed provisions about electrical certification, sale as well as use.


This certification mark is done mainly to control the types of electrical appliances and to check on the non-regulated types of electrical appliances. The control of electricity is a must in order for the products to be approved by the monitoring department by issuing a certificate. The certification process is not only good for security but also for performance as well as quality. The first letter in this certificate is usually issued by the region or state.


For the non-regulated products, certification is not a must. However, its safety by the vendor or manufacturer is a necessity and hence there might be need to apply for certification. The monitoring department is also required to meet these standards issued by the Product Conformity Certificate. The certificate of conformity of the electrical products is usually marked with the certificate number. This certificate may be issued by the region or the state such as CS/ 421 Q for Queensland and CS/ 108/ N for New South Wales. All these are being done to help improve the quality of the LED products being sold to various regions in the world.

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